Yoast SEO Black Friday sale continues – 30% discount!

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Yoast SEO Black Friday Sale

Yoast SEO Black Friday Sale Continues

Just as I and My friends positions all our Content in this list of Top Search Engines in the World with just a lick to these steps

1. Writing an SEO friendly Content
2. How to Write a Blog post
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Yoast SEO says you can always appear on the first SE pages today.

To all my friends and you inclusive reading this post, you might have not seen these Wonderful of Yoast SEO Plugin

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Yoast SEO Black Friday sale gives a very awesome and better 30% Discount for your Yoast SEO Black Friday sale opportunities is made or brought Alive!

How does Yoast SEO Premium compare to the free version?

Yoast SEO Premium

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $89 $62.30 (ex VAT), including 1 year free updates and support
Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee – No questions asked

Yoast SEO free

NEW! Optimize for keywords, keyphrases, synonyms, related keywords and all word forms of those
Help your page rank better by taking synonyms and related keywords into account. We’ll also show you how these are distributed over your page!
 Only 1 keyword or keyphrase per page
You might be missing out on search traffic for synonyms or related terms. Check manually if you use all synonyms and related words you’d like to rank for often enough in your text.
 Preview your page in Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter
You’ll get a good idea of how your page may look in search results, and you get full control over how your page appears on Facebook and on Twitter. So you’re sure it convinces people to click through.
 No preview of your page in Facebook and Twitter
You know what your page might look like in Google and Bing, but as for Facebook and Twitter? You can only guess and cross your fingers.

 Get real-time suggestions for internal links

You get suggestions for links to other pages as you write. Google loves these internal links and might reward you with a better ranking.

 You have to look up related pages yourself

Don’t forget to reserve extra time for looking up related pages to link to. For every single page you create … and all the current pages on your website.

 We’ll ask what you want us to do with every deleted page

This way, old pages are seamlessly redirected to new ones. So you keep both your visitors and Google happy.

 You have to create a redirect every time you delete a page

If you forget to redirect, your visitors get stuck on a 404 page. And Google doesn’t like those “Page not found” messages.

 Be sure your content can be found by search engines

Get an overview of all pages that have no other pages linking to them. Search engines need at least one link to find and index a page, before they can show it in the search results.

 You have to search for these pages yourself

You’ll need to check manually if there are links to all relevant pages on your website.

 24/7 support

Our wonderful and knowledgeable support team loves to personally help you with every question you ask through email.

 No support

You can help yourself with our extensive knowledge database. There are over 580 articles, so your question is definitely in there.

 No ads
We’ve removed the ads for you. We love your support! Thanks!
You’ll see ads for our other awesome products and services.
 Get an overview of your SEO scores and focus keywords
You can automatically generate a CSV file that gives you an overview of your keywords, URL, readability score and/or title. So it’s easy to see what you should optimize next.
 No dashboard
You’ll have to click around your website and compile this Excel dashboard yourself.

Google Adsense Approval on the go!

Free updates every 2 weeks

Includes all features from the free plugin like:

Readability check

SEO analysis

Full control over your breadcrumbs

Always updated for Google’s algorithm

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