Download WPS Office Premium free of charge Includes Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Do you Write? … It’s very awesome to express your thoughts and actions through writing;

Which Office Writer do you make Use of? May people Today makes use of Microsoft Office. Meanwhile, it’s an awesome idea to use Microsoft Office Suite.

WPS Office Premium

wps office premium

WPS Office Suite Premium is an Application system for both Windows and iOS operating system which provides fast and secure service to PC users. However, this WPS Suite has more new features than you can imagine. Here are whats New on WPS Office Premium Latest version today;

What’s New on WPS:

No Ads
Supports connect up to 9 Device
Free PDF to Word Converter
Supports Templates

Besides these above features, WPS Suite has more other unique Features. Know more about WPS Office Writer;

More Features of WPS Office premium

File Download Size only 76.4 MB

Compatible with platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Available for Mobile Download Android on Play store and iOS phones on iTunes

Free to Download and use for a lifetime

You can unlock may other features once you activate or Upgrade to Premium

WPS Office premium Account Registration

Have an active WPS Account will help you better; Why and How? … Just as Microsoft office make use of Microsoft Accounts to get the full office suite Activation and promo offers.

Meanwhile, for you to get a WPS Account there are some requirements you need to have but the registration is free of charge;

WPS Account Sign up Requirement

Making a WPS registration free don’t mean you should not have the following requirements to proceed with the account sign-up;

Active Email address

Full name

Choice of a password which must contain 8-16 Characters in both upper and lower cases

Now Join WPS free

If you have the App on your device Tap on the Sign in Button at Top Right-hand-side but if not and you wish to create wps account from the web. follow these lead;

Launch a browser like Chrome and Goto WPS Sign up page

On the Registration page enter the Following;

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Password

Now; you Tap Sign up Below to request WPS ID.

WPS Account Activation

You need to visit whichever email address you made the registration with to activate the account. Here are the steps you will need;

Login to your email address account and Select Inbox folder

Open the WPS Mail and Tap on the link which will redirect you to a new page using your device default Browser.

Now your account is active, you may log-in WPS Account with the below steps.

WPS Suite Account Login

To login is very easy but the steps are to be taken accurately just as the steps below explains;

Once, you have active WPS ID. There are the two things you will always use to log-in to your account at any time you wish.

  • Username or Email Address
  • Password

Now you Log-in WPS account;

From WPS Mobile App on your device Tap on Sign-in button and proceed with your email address and password to access your account but on the other hand ‘WPS Web Account Login Access’.

It’s very awesome too if you wish to login via the web using Web-Browsers. Then, follow these steps:

Launch any of the browsers and Go to

Select account detail and Tap on Sign-in button to proceed

On the login page, Proceed as follows below;

  • Enter account email address
  • Enter also account password

Click log-in which is what next below the page and in seconds you are in.

WPS Activation for a lifetime

Are you ready for this? … Worry not, Do you know that with an active WPS Account well activated you can use this application system for a lifetime with will also support the following as you make use of it;

Free Software Update and Download

Ads only appear once when you are online

Account Sync with up to 9 devices at sententiously

Support free Docs to PDF conversion but with WPS Office Premium also Supports PDF to Word ‘docs’. and More …

Today you get your free lifetime license and you follow all as said HERE!!!.

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