The latest version of WordPress 5.0 version is one in a million 💵 block content builder on the go with the best steps to first-page search engine ranking without formal paid traffic.

wordpress 5.0

More you will get from us at their page is the best way to upgrade to WordPress 5.0 free of charge and more on how to use the WordPress 5.0 with ease and professionally on the go!

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Word press 5.0 The best block content builder

However, if you have read our 📖 on how to write a blog post with best tips we get on readability and SEO analysis you will find out that we don’t really have much to do here on this page.

Meanwhile, we are still here to answer any questions reading SEO Blogging and more to how to make 💰 blogging for the real content and Affiliate making tips you need too.

What is WordPress 5.0 up to? …

From our technical experience and researching, we have to you that WordPress remains the best in websites 🏢 and more to after choosing the best web hosting company for your blog and website.

More to get do to this update to WordPress 5.0…

Features of WordPress 5.0

  • WordPress 5.0 came with latest and more custom content block builder.
  • 👆 date to this latest version is free of charge
  • This latest version is easy and fast loading of pages and post either within WordPress mobile App or via the main website page
  • Download WordPress latest version with just a click to update from your WordPress dashboard

However, more features are still available for you free of charge and you will get to know more as you log in and follow the 🔗 and steps below.

How to use WordPress 5.0 Generally

  1. Visit your Website Login Page here or at or as the case may be
  2. Enter the Following on the Login Page:
    1. Username
    2. Password
  3. Tap on login to access your Account Dashboard
  4. Now, you are Post and New Post
  5. On the Block Page Builder, you make your paragraph in Block weather Headings like Header 1, Header 2, Header 3, Header 4 … or Introduction and more to other bodies of the post.
  6. Featured image is located at the right-hand side just as you click on Document on top Right and scroll down the column which contains the following:
    1. Visibility
    2. Permalink
    3. Tags
    4. Category
    5. Featured Image
    6. Advanced setting
  7. Now, you select anyone you want to perform on and follow the previous steps here on (How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress):
    1.  How to Write a Blog post First Guide
    2. How to Write a Blog post Second Guide
  8. Thanks, and Enjoy your Latest WordPress 5.0

How to Change the WordPress 5.0 to the older WordPress Versions

Most people are really finding it difficult to use this latest Version of WordPress 5.0 But here is the alternative option for you. Meanwhile, do you have an Active WordPress Account? … Create one free of Charge for more clarification you can contact us for your Website or Blog Design and Host and other related issues.

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You do have an active WordPress Account now? … Take the Following steps …

  1. Log-in to your WordPress dashboard and take the following Actions
  2. Tap on Plugin and Select Add Plugin
  3. Click on the Search Box and Enter Classic EditorWordpress 5.0
  4. Tap on Install and after installation, click to Activate on the go
  5. Now, you start making your Post as Normal with the old New Post Dashboard

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