Why Messenger Kids no longer requires the kids’ parents to be friends? Facebook the Father of all social network or media is on it again. The question we need ask is; is this all right Facebook? Why should Parents not be aware of my friend request as a Messenger Kids user? Please i will like to tell my parent. 

Welcome Dear Reader, from the search so far for we have what ever you seek – Why Messenger Kids no longer requires the kids’ parents to be friends.

why Messenger Kids

However, on this page we will like to share with you the very update on Facebook messenger Kids. still, these are what you should be expecting on this page.

  • What is Messenger Kids 
  • why Messenger Kids
  • Messenger Kids App Features
  • Messenger Kids Mobile App Download
  • Official Facebook Registration
  • Official Facebook Login 
  • Facebook Password Recovery

Meanwhile, some of these Topics or Subtopics have already be discussed in our previews articles but nevertheless; we will still take a little bit of our time to reviews them again in a brief paragraphs. After our reviews here you can still take little time to view the Full post from the Read more … details attached at the last line of the statement in each paragraphs. Here we go on to the business of this page; What is the Business? question from a wise person like you …

What is Messenger Kids? – This is a special portal from the main Facebook social media, where Kids under 13 Years and below comes together “Online base” to communicate with with one another either using the Main Facebook Messenger or Portal or the Messenger Kids to chat.

Why Messenger Kids?

Every one including you and I should have a say on this for the first time, Facebook came up with this awesome ideal to bring in our kids Online but with an absolute monitoring from the very parent of the child but now things are not the same. I a situation where parents can not monitor their Kids friends request. My dear we are very much afraid of another update which will soon come up.

However, it is not necessary for Messengerkids to exist if parents can’t monitor their kids Facebook activities for not every one you is on Facebook has nice and Good intentions.

The Mass’s reports ‘All Facebook For Kids ‘Messenger Kids‘ Activities must be Monitored by parent’.

Messenger Kids App Features and Free Download

Call it a nice did for Messenger Kids, Parent were able to see and monitor their kids on-line actives on Face Book. here are still more you should know…

App is available for mobile device like Apple and Android devices…

Google play Store is free for Messenger Kinds Download. While, iTune Store are available for your App devices free too.

Instant Notification to Parents Facebook account first

Free to Chat with friends and Loved ones inclusive

All data are on the Official Facebook.com Management base. and More…

Official Facebook Account Registration | Login | Password Reset

Note: Facebook entire operation is free of charge except Facebook Advertisement. Why? As a business Man or Woman and you wish to let the billions of Facebook users across the World to see your products, there is when you have to pay to Facebook management to more promotions and other special offers…

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