WhatsApp Status App Download and Usage Over 450 million daily active users

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According to Mark Zuckerberg shedding light on WhatsApp’s upcoming features and mentioned how the WhatsApp Status feature has grown exponentially since its launch last year. WhatsApp Status App Download and Usage with Over 450 million daily active users. This WhatsApp Feature allows users to change their status to a short video or multiple photos that will automatically disappear in 24 hours.

However, from the statistics report by NDTV WhatsApp have finally made way over Snapchat via WhatsApp Status.

“Even though this feature was clearly introduced to combat Snapchat competition, it changed the way users interact with the app daily and has evidently been a huge success for the company. Snapchat, on the other hand, now has 191 million daily active users. The figure was 15 percent higher than a year earlier, compared with growth of 18 percent in the previous quarter. Snapchat, which took off brilliantly in early years, appears to have called for its own downfall when it neglected international markets initially. More…

whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status App has amazing features which you should know, as an active WhatsApp user it will be very awesome if you download and install this App on your device which will assist you more on making a nice Status daily with ease.

Features of Unique Whatsapp Status / Messenger App

Free for download and usage

Very mobile compatible and also on PC if you make use of Emulators

Awesome User Interface making App very easy to use

Help users to express what they have in mind with the help of pictures or Short Videos

Can access your Main WhatsApp Messenger fully

How To Download WhatsApp Status On mobile device Android and iOS

I recommend you download the latest version of WhatsApp Status App from the official App stores like Google Play Store or iTunes Store But if you still have any other device that is not running Apple or Android Operating System then you have to visit WhatsApp Official status Website here.

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