WhatsApp Picture In Picture Update Now Lets you Watch Videos Without Leaving the App on the go from one WhatsApp status to another which you can download now with ease.

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WhatsApp Picture In Picture

WhatsApp Picture In Picture Update review

This new feature on WhatsApp for Androids will automatically work with links that have been shared through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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WhatsApp introduced the ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode for its Android app back in the month of October. However, at that time, it was done just for Android beta users but now it will be available for all Android users using the WhatsApp’s stable version 2.18.380.

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Users who cannot see the update on their Android phones can simply update their app to the version 2.18.380. While this feature was introduced for Android users in October this year, the same was being offered to Apple users on WhatsApp for iPhone since January 2018.

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What is the WhatsApp Picture in Picture (PiP) feature

The new Picture-in-Picture feature on WhatsApp will help you watch Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos on a small window and will let you scroll through your WhatsApp chat simultaneously.

This feature will work for both individual chats as well as for groups. Users need to note that this new feature will play YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos in a separate window within the chat screen, however, it will not work with video clips that have been shared natively on the app.

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How to use the WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature

Users do not need to enable any option in order to use the Picture-in-Picture feature on their Android phones. It will automatically work with links that have been shared through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Simply tap on the video thumbnail that you wish to watch and the video will be played on a small window on top of your chats.

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