Our World in the Time of Chating will soon be upon the one and only Whatsapp Messenger not to Facebook which owns this awesome ever chatting client Message delivering App. What are the New Features are WhatsApp gets a great new feature that chats better than ever …

WhatsApp gets a great new feature that chats better

Meanwhile, it is very possible and wonderful that WhatsApp keeps getting new great features that will help you and Me as the end users to chats even better.

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However, is it not last week that WhatsAppjust realizes an Update by name Picture in Picture which other people call it by this abbreviation PIP.


Nevertheless, we keep getting more and more as the tech managers and final consumers keep thinks on the best way WhatsApp can service the world better.

As for me The CEO of Somictech.com I have more other Feature which I Think can lead WhatsApp as a messenger and the user like you and me into the very promise Land like the time of the Israelites of Old. You Can Contact us now to hear more of the features whatsapp should have to serve the world better.

In Summary …

WhatsApp continues to be one of the most-used messaging clients in the world. The Facebook-owned chat app is keen to stay ahead, so new features are added frequently.

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Latest on the list is a feature that allows users to watch shared videos in a small window in the main chat client. That means you can carry on chatting with friends while enjoying the videos they send.

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Videos sent from some sources will automatically appear in a pop-up. For example, if you share a link through YouTube you’ll see the video player in the little pop-up window.

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