WhatsApp recently has finally given this feature delete my account a final review having it now a standard functionality. Very account users you wish to delete my account due to one reason or the other can now do that within a blink of an eye.

WhatsApp delete my account effectiveness

How efficiency is WhatsApp delete my account?
The deal on this issue is 100% effective and ad WhatsApp did the last update with a final touch. Delete my account have been as one of the WhatsApp features some years but users do find it very difficult totally removing their number from WhatsApp never they what also to add it back at any point they still fell.
WhatsApp as a social media is open to all but still, you must be up to 13 years of age before having a WhatsApp ‘ social media ‘ account.
How can WhatsApp check how old users are to prevent anyone who has not attained 13 years and above from joining the social platform? This is what am still looking up to WhatsApp to add in the next update to come.
However, it may seem very difficult to activate age declaration option WhatsApp for it details with only your mobile number but looking and comparing it with other social media which uses only mobile number to activate account like IMO video chat, vibe chat, palmchat, telegram and more you still notice that after account activation the new users will still be lest to complete his or her profile thereby giving users the change to add age also gender and more.
From all analysis, I believe WhatsApp on age definition is on the platform that no kid less than 13 years of age should have a phone for that is a fallacy.

How to delete WhatsApp account ‘ delete my account ‘

whatsapp delete my account
For you to total remove your number from WhatsApp that me your account is also gone for WhatsApp account deals just with your mobile number and nothing more. Follow these few steps …
First, boot your device if not ON yet and from the background Tap on the menu button
Screw to tap WhatsApp App icon among the App list
Your WhatsApp App is now launched, Tap on the options icon at the top right-hand side of the chat Page
Click settings and select Account
Click on delete my account button and confirm your account number
Tap on the done button at the top right-hand side and wait for your account to delete.
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