How important are your WhatsApp business conversations with your Customers? The best way to guide or protect your chats today with your unlimited customers is through Google drive online Backup; that is why I brought this awesome topic – WhatsApp business conversation online Backup on Google Drive storage free.

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People keep looking for an expensive platform to advertise their business but after wasting a lot of Money still,l business Growth may just increase by 5% out off 100%.
Here are things which some business owners don’t really understand but I believe and hope you have to read this here.

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A relationship is the soul growth of any kind of business and in a relationship, communication is what counts in total.
How do you relate to your customers? Make them gain easy and free access to you will always bring them closer and closer to you and your business.
However, let get it done on the business here; what is the Business? The is a way to keep your business chat safe and secure online free of charge.
WhatsApp business conversation online Backup

WhatsApp business conversation online Backup – Google Drive storage

The steps here have been made so simple for all to understand. Here are what you should do;
Before now you have WhatsApp business App on your device and you have activated and configured the Business settings? If you have not done that follow the links here …
  • 1. Launch the business App as you Tap or click on the icon from your device
  • 2. Click on the Options button at the Top Right-hand side and select Settings
  • 3. Scroll down and select chat, following your chat selection is chat Backup button
  • 4. Click on chat back up and do these inside
    1. Last backup at the first column
      • Here you tap on the BACKUP button below to start but before you do that make sure you make changes to Google Drive Settings below
    2. Google Drive online Backup settings second column
      1. Backup to Google Drive options
        • Never
        • Only when I tap on back up
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
      2. Account selection
      3. Select Network type
        • You have to select the type of network which you wish to make the backup with either WiFi network and Cellular or WiFi.
You can still tick the box below to include videos on your WhatsApp business chat online backup.
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