Welcome to WhatsApp business Account Activation, settings and Configuration Tips.
This is an interesting Topic for on this page you will learn more than just to download WhatsApp business App 100% free of charge.

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I will show you all you have to do after you finish download this App on your various devices like PC or Mobile phones, Tablets and more.
First, we will start with WhatsApp business Account Activation and after that, we go over to its confirmation settings.
Note: if you follow these steps here you will finally get your business communication and advertisement platform ready for use.
Before we begin WhatsApp business account Activation, I hope the App is already on the devices you want to use for the business activities? You can still download WhatsApp business App now it is not too late.
WhatsApp Business Account Activation

WhatsApp business Account Activation steps

Meanwhile, for you to start and complete this steps here you need internet communication with can be either 3G, 4G or WiFi network.
  • 1. From your device App Menu Tap to Launch WhatsApp business App
  • 2. Click on continue as Business down the homepage
  • 3. Select your country code and Enter your Business Mobile Number
  • 4. Next page is verification page, where you have to enter the verification code sent to your mobile number.
  • 5. Automatically, your mobile will be verified if the Number is on the device
  • 6. Enter your business display Name and click next

WhatsApp business Account Configurations “Settings”

You still need internet connection here for the below steps. Here are the Fill WhatsApp Business account settings;
  • Tap on the WhatsApp business App to launch from your device
  • Tap on the Options button at Top right-hand side and select “Settings”
  • Click on Business Settings and complete the list options one after another
    • Profile settings
      • Enter your business location
      • Select the type of service
      • Enter your business name and time of service
      • Enter your business Website and Email Address
    • Away settings
      • Enter your account away massage e.g “Hello, thank you for your message. We’re not here right now, but will respond as soon as we return.”
    • Greeting settings
      • Enter your Business greeting message e.g “Welcome to Somic Technology World! We look forward to serving you better”.
    • Quick Replay settings
      • Enter a message which will be sent to any customers instantly after massaging you.

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