Project on Web-Based Banking System Application For Atm Request and Services.

Abstract on Web-Based Banking System Application

In a world of competitive resource application and technological development, the banking system have been totally computerized, as such, Web-Based Banking System Application for Banks has been in existence for decades, normally designed for three major priority users including customers, staffs, and the Management to navigate better flow of services in the banking system.

Recently, however in Nigeria; as the demand for more services has increased, the bank has introduced Automated Teller Machine (ATM). It is a self-service access channel capable of responding to almost all the services offered in the banking halls, with the sole aim of dissuading the norms of long queue system of unfriendly customers waiting to be attended to in the banking premises. But the unintended consequence of the ATM invention resulting from high demand for ATM card has brought back Web-Based Banking System Application into focus.

The research reviews how ATM request services could be implemented in the Web-Based Banking System Application for customers’ ATM request services, to enable customers to make a request of ATM card online, receive feedback, and walk into the banking office to pick their ATM card without stress or waste of time.

Since this research focuses on the web-based banking system application for ATM request services, I deployed a structured approach to software development life cycle (SDLC), to provide me a clear-cut step in moving between the phases from the beginning to the end of the system development life cycle.

I devote a chapter describing the existing Web-Based Banking System Application design with the problems associated with it, as well a proposed design of ATM request services, to bring about a swift Web-Based Banking System Application capable of attending to customers’ ATM card request services.

Web-Based Banking System Application For Atm Request Services

TABLE OF CONTENT on Web-Based Banking System Application

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