Wealth Can Be Ignored – Forms Of Cash- how to identify cash in the trash – Forms of Cash

cash: GOD HAS CREATED More wealth than we could ever need in our lifetime. We do not have them because we often despise or ignore them, often because they are in their potential form…


“…until we recognized them we                                                                                                                                   

couldn’t tap into them and                                                                                                                                        

  enjoy them: the electricity has                                                                                                                                      

been in rivers, the clothes in                                                                                                                                          

the wool, and the plastic in                                                                                                                                         

 crude oil, etc.”

Potential cannot be released until potential is recognized.All that we have today has always been in existence, but until we recognized them we couldn’t tap into them and enjoy them: the electricity has been in rivers, the clothes in the wool, and the plastic in the crude oil, etc.

Possibilities for making money abound everywhere. We should not see things the way they are but the way they could be; which is how God sees!

cash and wealth

Wealth Can Be Ignored / How to Identify Cash in Trash

Recognizing Cash

‘’But  what  are  they  among  so  many’’ John 6:9

Trash means your forgotten or hidden treasures; your economic engines; those wealth creation facilities given to you by God that could be deployed for a lifetime of bliss and prosperity. Only the eyes of faith; one that sees like God and is hooked up to him and the eyes of vision can see cash in a trash.

Blindness to cash robs people of their miracles to prosperity.  It’s one of the major causes of poverty at work. A ‘’trash mentality’’ sees nothing in something.A ‘’cash mentality’’ sees something in nothing. It knows that what you want could be in what you already have; so it doesn’t look down on anything. After all, who could ever guess that glass will come from sand.

Everywhere you go, people are insensitive to the prosperity around them. This insensitivity as I have said is often the major cause of poverty. One of the discoveries I have made in life is that ‘money cash’ is not the only currency in life; there are resources greater than ‘money cash’ This discovery delivered me from the dangers associated with a false concept of money.

It is a discovery that can allow you to fulfill your dreams and meet your financial obligations with ‘nothing down’-no money cash. When you think of a dream project, don’t first think of money. There are resources greater than money.

Some of these resources are:

  1. Time Cash      Time is a treasure the rich mostly crave for. So even the rich envy you when you carelessly lavish time for just pleasure sake. To be rich, one needs to imprison pleasure.It’s the proper management of time and talent that make men rich. Poverty has a price too expensive for the rich to afford.

The rich can’t afford to waste time.

Vision is one of the greats secrets for effective time management.

  1. Talent Cash       The saying, ‘’time is money’’ is true, but more to it is ‘’talent is money’’. Wealth has a price so cheap that the poor can afford. Yet few pay it. It’s the price of value for time and talent. It is the value of talent that leads to its development and development in a worthwhile venture.

Talent despised is destiny denied.

You’ve been given specific talents to solve specific problems on earth and your wealth lies in solving those problems with your unique gifts.

“To be rich is a project, one needs to                                                                                                                   

 imprison pleasure & Cut off every source of retreat and to

 be poor is a project, one needs to be                                                                                                          

 imprisoned by pleasure & procrastinate.”

  1. Thought Cash

Most people in our generation are suffering from ill-literacy than illiteracy. The mind is one’s  factory for generating creative thoughts and thoughts that spurs one to action and realization. Wealth is within!

Wealth is in one’s thoughts, not in one’s things it is better to be a school dropout than to be a mind`drop`out.

The making of a man is not how far he travels around the world but in how far he travels around his mind.the truly unemployed are the ones who can’t use their mind; the truly bankrupt are the ones who refuse to Invest in their mind. Everything you will ever get in life begins with everything you can think of in life because things begin with thoughts.

WARNING: Thinking is not worrying. The potential for progress and economic recovery relies on the capital generated from the power within our minds. This capital generated from the power within our minds is called intellectual capital or ideas.

They are received in the process of thinking or mind storming, and they come as a sudden burst or flash of insights. It is your responsibility to develop your intellectual capacity.

cash and wealth

Your intellectual capacity determines your financial capacity.

  1. People Cash Relationship is a capital and you can leverage it to generate wealth. Value people and cultivate people skills.we live in an interdependent world and you cannot afford to live and think independently. Wealth creation has migrated from the focus on things and money to people.
  2. Character Cash This is your social capital: integrity, reputation, faithfulness, honesty and such values. The private victory of integrity is the foundation for the public honor of reputation.

It is a greater compliment to trust than to love. Nothing propels you faster than the wheel of trust. When the character is present, a trust will be present. When trust is present, you can leverage your relationships for financial goal attainment.

“Trash means your forgotten or hidden

treasures; your economic engines; those                                                      

wealth creation facilities given to you                                                                        

  by God that could be deployed for                                                                                 

  a lifetime of bliss and prosperity.”

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