2019 Presidential Debate tonight on Youtube, What can you say about this? …

Nigerians are really Tired of their rulers in the name of Politicians. Meanwhile, By Nigerians “, They say we are practicing Democratic Government” well Maybe our rulers don’t really Know the Full Meaning of the word Democracy? …

2019 Presidential Debate

Full review on 2019 Presidential Debate

What is Democracy? …

Democracy, in modern usage, has three senses—all for a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting. In a direct democracy, the citizens as a whole form a governing body and vote directly on each issue. In a representative democracy, the citizens elect representatives from among themselves. by Wikipedia

Well all of them makes use of Smartphones and even navigate the internet 24/7 But not even one person tries to Check out thw words they make use of in terms of Governing the People.

Hahahaha – As many of them make me laugh. Do you Know what? … with the resend Actives Going on now with the name tag 10 Years Challenge that is what all of our Politician are doing instead of trying to draft what how this coming Election will take place in other to prevent the death of their citizens.

The Election Time is Very Near at hand. What do you Think? …

Please, I recommend “Do not sale your Vote for any reason(s)“.

Selling of Votes and Forcing and Confusing Citizens to Vote for the Wrong Person is now the end changes we face as Nigerians.

Politicians can not Kill(Deceive) us again if we stand as one. I recommend to Nigerians.

Who are even these Politicians?

HAHAHAHAH … So you Don’t Know them? …

My dear, we are doing it to our selves. Meanwhile, these People are still the same Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, sisters, Uncles, aunties, Cousins, relatives, extended family member, friends, and enemies.

However, These are still the same People we see every day by day in our Working Place, Homes offices, Schools, Churches, Villages, Towns, and even outside the Countries.

Watch the 2019 Presidential Debate

Yes I know, This my post may not reach those in question but I believe one day Nigeria will be better.

But An very afraid of what next will happen

We all should think well on what we are doing for our Country is it to better or to inflict more harm to the nation.

Nigeria is the Gaint of Africa: Yes we don’t doubt that but still, we course our Own problems every day by day.

Zero Joy to what our Fathers and Mothers and Brothers and Sisters are doing to this Nation all in the fighting for Political Post.

W keep praying day after day: God our Country Nigeria Needs more of your Grace. Then, at the back doors, we prevent those grace from reaching us.

The change will start from each and every one of us. Even Mr. Prensident can’t change if we don’t Support him to achieve the so-called Change by APC.

Watch Live Now @ 7mp

Tell us what you feel in the upcoming election. presidential and even state if you Governor is not doing better.


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