(Top African TV Series) Here are some of our favorite TV series to binge-watch. Comedy, romance, drama…all your favorite genres are covered! >>> Top African TV Series List <<<

Top African TV Series You Should Be Watching Now

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Warning: after going through this list, you may feel the urge to clear your weekend schedule and catch up on some great entertainment. DO NOT RESIST! Watch from the Top African TV Series List today;

1. Cougars:

A romantic drama series with lots of juiciness and intrigue! Three friends who are at a crossroads in their lives find themselves on thrilling and unexpected journeys with men much younger than themselves.

Click HERE to watch Cougars.

2. Desperate Housegirls:

Desperate Housegirls
This is funny, emotional, and well scripted! Follow the sequence of events as the Elliot family change house girls on a weekly basis; Femi and Ada, a happily married couple have what appears to be the perfect housegirl until she becomes very close to the oga of the house; and Rebecca, a single mother, employs a housegirl who eventually becomes her family.

Click HERE to watch Desperate Housegirls.

3. Lekki Wives:

Lekki Wives
Five glamourous and scandalous women come to our screens to tell their story. They move up the ladder in leaps to keep the meal on the table. They hop on and off countless beds and enjoy the upside of being trophy wives. Meanwhile, They experience the price of change but have no clue what the end holds.

Click HERE to watch Lekki Wives.

4. Poisoned Bait:


Poisoned Bait

Ariel is a struggling literary manager with her only client being her best friend, the happily married, equally struggling writer, Betty. On the morning of Ariel’s wedding, her first love, Bernard makes an abrupt comeback into her life, causing both Ariel and Betty to make choices that send their lives out of control.

Click HERE to watch Poisoned Bait.

5. Festac Town:

Festac Town
Festac Town is authentic, original and was shot as the title tells you, in Lagos’s very own Festac Town. It is a story about the secret lives of the upper, middle, and lower class living in Festac – their fears, tears, pains and victories.

Click HERE to watch Festac Town.

6. Lies That Bind:


Lies That Bind

Mr. Richard Juma is dead, at his funeral, we are introduced to his three wives, each with colourful personalities. Things get heated when an old friend is privy to information about Mr Juma’s death, exposing his family to grave danger.

Click HERE to watch Lies That Bind

8. Jenifa’s Diary:

Jenifa’s Diary

The hilarious comedy series Jenifa’s Diary by Funke Akindele is now available on iROKOtv! Watch Suliat (aka Jenifa), a village hairstylist as she heads to the city to secure admission into university.

Jennifer’s Diary is also star-studd(ed) with appearances from Banky W, Waje, Alex Ekubo and many others!

Click HERE to watch Jenifa’s Diary.

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