Top 7 reasons not to get drunk are because it shortens the life span of young and old people. Many persons have formed the habit of drinking every day of their life, without minding the implication of the intake of excess alcohol…

Top 7 Reasons Not To Get Drunk

A thousand and one person’s drinking alcohol today do doesn’t know the health implication of alcohol. While many also are addicted to alcoholism, starting from drinking little to getting drunk, 30% of the sickness of young people today is the cause of excess alcohol intake.

Do not get drunk

Reasons not to get drunk

  • Alcohol makes the body vulnerable to disease
  • Shorten the life span
  • It causes the loss of self-respect
  • It causes the loss of job
  • Causes physical emaciation
  • It causes accident
  • It causes ulcer

Top 7 reasons not to get drunk, is because forming the habit of drinking every day is very easy. Many people started drinking today with the aim of just taking little or one bottle from one bottle to three and so on.

Some got addicted that they can never stay a day without taking two or three bottles, also many people try to lessen or stop the intake of alcohol but to no avail because they refuse to do what they supposed to do.

The habit of getting drunk

People drink with the sole aim of not getting drunk, but what happens at the end of the day? they end up getting drunk. Getting to a bar with your friends and decide to get going with what is provided, after taking one bottle and another is been served generally just as the first one is served, you may find it awkward to refuse the second round so it gets going.

Top 7 reasons not to get drunk

After a little period of time, you find out that you have taken more than you said to yourself, then you leave. The same thing is going to happen another day, and so on.

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How to overcome the habit of getting drunk

Top 7 reasons not to get drunk; Do you find it hard to get over the habit of getting drunk? Here are what you will do to get over it.

  • Lessen the level of intake of alcohol
  • Determine how many bottle or level you take on an outing before the outing
  • Do not alcohol regularly
  • Do not hang out with people that drink too much of alcohol
  • Cot out with your friend which is a drunkard
  • Have the purpose of taking a drink.

Live a good life and don’t let alcohol be the source of your joy, find the source of joy in other things.

Here are More 10 reasons why.

  • You Might Forget Your Night. Casarsa / Getty Images.
  • Drunk Pics Can Do Major Damage.
  • The Drunk Dial. …
  • Sober People Think You Look Dumb.
  • It’s Illegal. …
  • Drinking and Driving are Idiotic.
  • You’ll Almost Definitely Do Something You’ll Regret.
  • Every Time You Drink, Your Brain Dies a Little. View More …

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