Is today Valentine’s Day? this doesn’t mean you can watch Romantic Movies, Films, series, and Shows. But fo you know what I have for you On this page? Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films You Need To Watch Right Now!

Just for the Cool and Right Sense of Romance, you and your Partner Need these Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films at this moment to Cool all feelings and make more Bounds.

Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films For you

In Chemistry, could that be a Covalent Bound? … That is left for Both of you over there. I can see you but I feel for you the more. let meet up with the hit of the day … On the go with the Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films, You Need To Watch today and any moment you are losing it.

I hope you understand? …. Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films …

Indonesian films are not only known for it is their horror and action genres. Albeit that romance films begin began to develop ed and produced more rapidly in the early 2000s, there are plenty of romance films to watch over this Valentine’s Day if you are looking for something closer to home.

List of Top 6 Indonesian Romantic Films …

Here are our picks of seven Indonesian movies that you can watch with your significant other, friends, or even family in this month of love.

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC)

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta

In 2002, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta brought New Colour To The Indonesian Movie Industry. Set In A high School, The Film Tells the Story of Two Young Teenagers who fell in love despite coming from different Social Strata.

Cinta, Played Wonderfully by the young Dian Sastrowardoyo, is a popular High School Student who go Smitten by Rangga (The Young Nicholas Saputra), A loner and book-loving student.

Directed by Rudy Soedjarwo, the film will surely entertain and makes you feel all mushy over the duo’s Romance.

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Eiffel, I’m In Love


Base(d) on a novel with the same name by Rachmania Arunita, Eiffel I’m In Love is a teen rom-com that start Samuel Rizal and Shandy Aulia AND wHICH WAS rELEASE(D) IN 2003.

The Film Tells the Story of Tita, whose life changed when she met Adit, The son of her Family friend and who Came from France. The Film garnered many awards, such as MTV Indonesian Movie Awards for Most Favourite Film and Most Favourite Actor.

If You’re a big fan of the orginal film, don’t miss out on the film sequel Eiffel I’m In Love 2 that sees the continuation of Tita and Adit’s love story in which they are no longer in a long-distance relationship.

Drama ensues when Tita doubts Adit’s Motive and Quetions his love for her. Direct(ed) by Rizal Mantovani, The film is slat(ed) for release this Valentine’s Day.

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Sang Penari

Sang Penari

Released in 2011, sang penari is an Indonesian over set againest a 1965 political tragedy backgrop.

Adapt(ed) from the trilogy novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari, the film tells the love story between sriniti, vbillage girl destine(d) to be the new ronggeng (prime dancer), and Rasus,in the small poor village of Dukuh Paruk.

For this dedication, sang penari snatched four Citra Awards at Festival Film Indonesia for Best Film, Best Director, Best Leading Actress, and Best Supporting Actress.

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Habibie & Ainum

Habibie & Ainum

Habibie & Ainum is a 2012 drama depicting the heartwarming love story between Indonesia’s third President, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, and his wife Hasri Ainum.

The bittersweet love between the two managed to break the country’sbox office record with the most number of audiences in theatres at the time of its release, gaining 4.5 million viewers.

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A copy of my mind

A copy of my mind

Direct(ed) by Joko Anwar, A copy of my mind tells the story of sari, a female salon worker who falls in love with Alek, a pirat(ed) DVD subtitle translator during Indonesia’s presidential election in 2014 ( the film was release(d) in 2015). The couple’s lives are put in danger when sari stole a DVD that evidence of political corruption.

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Dilan 1990

Dilan 1990

a recent addition to Indonesia’s teenage romance film is Dilan 1990, which has been the talk of the town.

based on the trilogy of novels by pidi baiq, the film a love story that will evoke the nostalgia of many 90s kids ranging from its dialogues and the crowd pleasing acting by iqbaal ramadhan and vanesha, through to the setting in Bandung an jakarta; a perfect love letter of the past decade.

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Reportedly, Dilan 1990 has entered the top five Indoesian cinema list, watchjed by 4,166,000 people after just 13 days of screening!

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