Tips on how to save your money, are simple technique  on how you can manage your daily income. Are you the type that makes money but you are unable to save for future use?.

Then read this post which will go a long way in putting your daily savings in order. Making money is one thing and saving the money is another. But you don’t need to be a bank accountant in Oder to save money for your future use. below are tips on how to save your money.

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Tips on How to save Your money


  • The plan to save money is not just a pleasure but to reach a certain goal. Goal which have been set within a reasonable period of time to reach a certain aim. One has to on the beginning set what the money will go for. Having a goal helps someone to look up to it when ever one wants to spend money
  • .SAVE FIRST SPEND LATER:  this is a rule you don’t have to spent when the money has been gotten.  It is one the reason for long poverty because you are leaving not on your earning but on others.
  • AVOID BORROWING; One has to cut the coat according to your cloth. one must not borrow just to earn a living. In order not to  borrow you must first of all start to save. Because your previous savings will not allow you to beg for money.
  •  PLAN A BUDGET: To save more of your money you must have a budget which all the present work you are doing focuses.  Setting budget on the go , gets your eye on the particular aim before other trivial wants.
  • AVOID TOUCHING MONEY IN SAVINGS ACCOUNT : On no account will you touch the money in the savings account.Unless it is very important or emergency, this is what define it to be money in the save.

  • Know the basic needs and let the wants be for the time of savings. you have to understand the different between need and want. it will help you limit some of your cravings, and focus on your basic needs.
  • OPEN A SPECIAL SAVING ACCOUNT: One can open a particular account which you may refuse to collect the ATM card.  this helps in the long run of spending money unnecessarily. after calculating the time you will go and stand in the Bank to  collect some money , you immediately get rid of it . this is a great idea.
  • GET A LOCALLY MADE “BANK“: You can ask the Carpenter to make a locally made bank to you with the wooden body. this type of bank can go along way in keeping your money for you. And in this type of bank there will be no withdrawal until the stipulated time.
    • EAT NUTRITIOUS FOOD NOT EXPENSIVE FOOD: Many people go for expensive  food thinking it is nutritious . cut down on the way you eat things that you think it is expensive. the truth is that most of the things we think to be delicious are not nutritious. Therefore buy the less expensive one that can save your money.
    • WRITE DOWN YOUR EXPENSES: Taking down the list of the things you eat helps to tell you how you have spend the your money per day.
    • DEVELOP YOUR SELF ESTEEM: You don’t just go to buy something because others are buying. buying things that is not of immediate need for you is just another way of spending money unnecessarily. you must know your want and your needs at the same time. Not being drive by what others are buying.
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    • Tips on How to save Your money

    •  Before going to the market make sure you write down the things you are to buy. This helps to limit your expenditure the market place.
    • DON’T MAKE FRIEND WITH EXTRAVAGANT PEOPLE: Don’t Hangout with people that are not your class. sometimes the people you move around with are the soul determinant of your spending.
    • BUY DURABLE NOT FLASHY THINGS: On getting to market buy things that have a long life span not because it is fine. There are two kind of persons that goes to the market, those that went to get the latest flashy things, and those that went to get the durable ones. So don’t go for  fine ones but for the ones that are more durable and cheap.

    DON’T GO FOR BIG CLOTHES: You have to look good but not expensive. wasting money on expensive cloth is just not it at all, when yo are in need of money. buy clothes that will make you look good and smart. not the ones that may not even fit you , you just go for it because others are going for it.


learn how to manage your income with the above information. managing your income requires a deal of discipline. This discipline is a gradual process, one has to cultivate the habit bit by bit. This tips on how to save your money, can help you to know how you can run your daily income.


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