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What is Scorp social network video chat all about?

As the best social rating platform: Scorp social network video chat is among the latest social networks which made up of 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 user, all around the world for the purpose of communicating freely either by face to face live video calls, instant messaging, direct voice call, chat room invitation (group chat), finding perfect matches among users…

Scorp social network video chat

The Amazing features of this awesome platform

Free registration with App: this social platform social network video chat is free for all service to be it registration, App download, and usage for all the members.

Friendly interface: this social network video chat is self-understanding just will some click and all you need is available.

Mobile Compatibility: App free download is compatible with all devices be it iPad, Apple, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone…

Instant Notification: this awesome social video chat gives an instant delivery of messages, likes, visitors, invitation…

Scorp social network video chat

How to and Where to download this social media

You can get scorps from google play store, windows store, iTunes store, Blackberry world just a free download from our links Above and below.

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Join now. You need to sign-in to see other users profiles, like videos or add your comments.

Registration requirements

Email address


Choice of Password

Launch your web browser and Visit

On Scorp App Home page, click on Login/Sign up Button

Fill the form as follows…

enter an email address

Choose a password

Enter username

Click on Sign up button to send your details.

Now you can log in as follows…

Already signed-up?

Millions of youngsters telling their stories. Sing-in and join to this unique social network.

Visit from any browser

On homepage click Login/sign-up, and fill in as follows…

Enter email address

Enter password

Click login button to go ahead

Scorp social network video chat

Do you know you can easily login or sign up to Scorpapp with your facebook account? do you have active one? if not create one free in few easy steps…

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World’s Most Genuine Social Network – Scorp

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