Remove Google Account that you just added to my Phone now; Why? it is not mine and i don’t like any email except mine to be in my Smart Android Phone.

Have you or your lovely friends mistakenly Add another Google Account ‘Gmail‘ on your device or any other Phone that is not Yours or Theirs? I advice better to remove Google account from any device that you are not in control off for better account management.

Remove Google Account


I had the problem of trying to remove my friends Gmail after She login with my phone to access her mail and contacts; reasons best known by her.

Before I read this pot I went ahead to Reset my smart Phones just only to remove her Google Account, but after reading this Post I now had the basic steps and Full Guide on how to remove Google account from any android with formatting or restoring.

Google Account ‘Gmail’ Full Review

Google account as an email service provider ‘Gmail Account’ which offers service like sending mail, receiving mail, promotional offer and more other service.

This is one of the best email service provider on web today by Google, and this these account Once created can access all Google services like…

Google Play Store

Google Map


Google Translation

G Suit

Play My Music

Google My Business


Google Chrome

Google Earth

Allo Google Assistance

Google Photos and More others

<Google Account Free Registration’Gmail’>

Steps  On  How  To  Remove Google Account From Smart Android Devices

Here is the Main deal for if you don’t have any email account you wish to remove from your device you can learn these few steps and practice later;

Dear it is very easy and no room to wast of Time and still you have to note that once you remove the Account from device these content will as well go with the remover…

Email Contnets

Google Contact

Device authority

Google Photos and More

  1. Power the device in question if Off and Tap on App Menu
  2. Click On ‘Settings‘ and scroll Download to select ‘Account
  3. On the Account menu are the list added email account like Yahoo, Hotmail, Yandrex, Google, AOL and more others depending which is on the Device. Select ‘Google
  4. Tap on the particular Google account you want to remove
  5. Select Menu Button at the Top Right hand site and click ‘Remove Account‘.
  6. Confirm the account removal and you are Done.

Do share with your Friends to avoid them resetting their Mobile Phones and Losing of Files. Google Support help.


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