The pregnant period is not the time to eat anyhow, because 85% of what you eat affects the baby in the womb. So you have to be careful about what you eat during pregnancy. Pregnancy food prescription;

Although it is not as fearful as you may think, during pregnancy is when you eat healthy foods. It will at the same time make your baby healthy.

What you eat when pregnant can affect the baby’s body built. Many people may want their baby to be plump or skinny. It mostly depends on what you eat during the gestation period.Pregnancy food prescription

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Pregnancy food prescription;

Is recommended to you if you are pregnant, it helps you to know the type of food to avoid and the one you can consume. Below are some foods that enhance your body function and keeps you healthy during the pregnant time.

Foods to eat; 

Eating this food will make you healthy and strong


This food reaches in potassium and energy. Eating this food will give the energy to ward off pregnancy fatigue. Many people experience fatigue when they are pregnant but this food will boost your energy.

Lean Meat

It is reached in iron, and your body needs much iron during pregnancy. If you don’t have many irons in your body you are more likely to feel fatigue. If necessary you eat more iron contained food.

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Eggs are reached in protein, and it contains all the necessary amino acid. meanwhile many women develop an aversion to meat when they are pregnant, So go for an egg.


It helps to burn down cholesterol in the body system. And give more energy to keep you going through the day.


Soft cheese helps to meet your cesium requirement, at the same time high in protein. So eat more cheese to improve your health and the health of your baby.

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Leafy greens

Pregnancy food prescription

Good cooked leafy green has a high level of foliate and iron. It Increases the nutrient value of your salads by passing up traditional iceberg in favor of darker-colored lettuces (the deep colors signal higher vitamin content).

Whole-Grain Bread

Just make sure you’re consuming the recommended 20 to 35 daily grams of fiber (scan labels to find a loaf that offers at least 2 grams of fiber per slice).


It is loaded with vitamin c, fiber, and foliage, thereby increasing your daily fluid need.

Dried fruit

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Whenever you are in need of something sweet, go for dry fruit instead of sugary substance.


loaded with fiber which helps in the digestion. It also contains more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium etc. help in keeping healthy your mouth and strong teeth.


Contain folic acid which is the most important nutrient of the first trimester. Without it, your baby has an increased risk for structural defects that could be fatal.


They are a nondairy source of calcium (55 milligrams per cup), which is essential for the development of your baby’s bones. Plus, calcium may help combat some common symptom of pregnancy, including irritability, insomnia and back, and leg pains.


A medium boiled artichoke has about 1 milligram of iron (about 12 percent of your recommended daily intake). There’s another energizing nutrient in artichokes: foliate. (A medium-size artichoke has 100 micrograms.) Besides helping to prevent birth defect, foliate helps your body metabolize proteins, the building blocks for the hormones and enzymes that help your body keep going.

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