PC Remote is one of the best App you can use on your Smartphones to control your PC”Laptop or Desktop” over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or Cable Connection but One at a time. Well, on this page, we will should the Following …

PC Remote Details overview here

  1. How to download System Remote
  2. How to Install a Laptop or Desktop Remote
  3. PCRemote Reciever Download
  4. How best you Can use PCRemote
  5. Features of The Remote Controller

Meanwhile, once you Finish reading the Content from this page below, you will be on a very best condition to make full use of this Remote from any part of the connection you want one at a time. And more to learn is the Alternative to PCRemote for you other uses and more practices today.

Here are features:

  • Devices simulation – Turn your device into a keyboard, touchpad, gamepad and more.
  • Gameplay – Play all kinds of PC games with specified button layouts (race, fly, GTA…).
  • Customization – Build and share your own defined layout.
  • Multimedia controller – Adjust computer volume, play pause video. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras.
  • Remote desktop – Touch windows on your phone.
  • PPT sync – You can see the ppt pictures and notes directly on your phone even play select & mark.
  • Projector – Project phone’s screen, pictures, videos onto a PC monitor.
  • File access – Explore download and edit files between phone and PC.
  • And many more…

PC Remote

Where to Download and How to Instal PC   Remote Reciever

Please install PC   Remote   Receiver on your computer before using PC remotely. Download the PCRemote Receiver at our official site for free: http://www.monect.com/pcremote/ or Click Download Now!

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Note: If cannot connect, please make sure the phone and the pc are in the same network and check the firewall setting on PC.


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