Charging of PC/phone without adding percentage is as the result of pc/phone having a bad battery, PC/phone having bad charging IC, or as the result of a bad charger, bad charging port, the light source being faulty etc.

This problem can troubleshoot by you the owner of the device without meeting with an expert. Most of the time the little problem that the device has is not what you run to an expert. We have to troubleshoot it first before going on to seek an expert. Some of the problems can be simply solved. You just have to give it a try to see that you meet a positive result.


Causes of PC/phone charging without adding a percentage

  • Bad charger.
  • Low voltage.
  • Charging IC fault.
  • Different in the charger/PC voltage.
  • Down panel or little logic board fault.

Troubleshooting PC/phone charging not adding a percentage

  • look at the ampere of the of the charger.
  • Check the light voltage.
  • Check the brush pin.
  • fix the charging port PC/phone battery.
  • look at the to charge IC.
  • change the little logic board.

The list above is one of the reasons that most of the pc/phone charging without adding a percentage.

These are simple things you can do yourself without meeting with the experts to fix it. Mostly the problem of the device starts here. As a result of it not carefully fix its result to the packing of the phone. It is important you regularly meet with an engineer to service your pc/phone devices to experience a long life span of the phone.

Fixing a PC/phone charging without adding a percentage

Buy a charger, before buying a charger make sure you look at the ampere of the charger and the one in the PC/phone to know if they are same. Because if they are not the same it results to the charging without adding a percentage.

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Before plugging the PC/phone on the light look at the light to know that it can charge your PC/phone because low light voltage can spoil not only your PC battery but will also spoil the charging IC.

Avoid charging the PC with the little generator light. This is very important because it is too fluctuating that it cannot keep the voltage of the light still, therefore it burns your charger at the same time spoils the battery.

The brush pin;



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Due to the frequent use, not the brush mouth it easily gets loose to the pin that charges it, sometimes it is the charging port that of the PC/phone gets wide so as a result, it doesn’t charge the phone.

Fixing the PC/phone charging without adding percentage sometimes it is the charging port that has pulled from the board of the PC/phone as the result of the forceful plugging of the charger, so do sometimes check the to know if the port has pulled from the board.

The charging IC is one of the major cause. change the charging IC of the PC/phone devices.

Fixing PC/phone charging without adding a percentage, sometimes its the down panel in some phones that is the cause, so this fixing is required, and do not change the little logic board unless you know it is actually the cause.


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