Palmchat App is one of the best Social Network been the means of communicating with your friends its help you to select the type of people you wish to be chatting with and with palm chat you can easily get to no more about your friends because everything will be private and by so doing it will help your guys in speaking out your mind towards one another…


Steps on how to create Palmchat App Chat Account

Palmchat app

Visit the Official Palmchat platform now and make your free registration with the benefit of joining Millions of Sayhi App users today.

Do you know; there are options which you can create a palmchat account with such as follows following

  • You can log in with your Facebook account
  • your Microsoft account
  • Enter your Email address
  • your phone number whichever one you use during the registration of the account
    Type in your password

Click on login once you are done filling your details just click on the login button so that you can enter into your personal account and start chatting with your friends freely.

Palmchat app you can be able to control your notifications that you receive every day. They are a lot of features that this app has but we are going to mention but few of them so that you can see and be able to apply them while using it.

Features PalmChat App Account

  • Free group messaging
  • You can chat in any country you are
  • it helps in saving memories
  • free Single Chat room
  • it Works on every device
  • It even works over SMS
  • helps you to stay in touch with the important people in your life
  • With palmchat, You can chat with your groups directly over SMS.

How to download palmchat App from the official website

Do make say hi Chat App download from this basic and secure App store Google Play store for Android devices, Windows Store for Windows devices, Blackberry World store for only Blackberry devices and iTunes Store for all Apple devices free of charges. Do you know that all the Apps can still be selected from Palchchat App Official Chat Room? {APP DOWNLOAD}

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Download and enjoy it’s free and Secure.


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