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Pain management

A look at pain ‘Pain Management’

Pain is complex, a subjective phenomenon that involves biological, psychological, cultural, and social factor. To it succinctly, is whatever the patient says it is, and it occurs whenever it’s done. The only true authority on any given pain is the person experiencing it. Therefore, healthcare and professionals must understand and rely on the patient’s description of her pain when developing a pain management plan.

Each patient reacts to pain differently because pain thresholds and tolerance vary. Pain threshold is a physiologic attribute that denotes the smallest intensity of painful stimulus required to perceive pain.

However, Pain tolerance is a psychological attribute that describes the amount of stimulus (duration and intensity) that the patient can endure before stating that she’s in pain.

Pain management

Theories about pain ‘Pain management’

Their theories attempt to explain the mechanisms of pain:

  • Specificity
  • Pattern
  • Gate control

Let get specific

The specificity maintains the individual specialized peripheral nerve fibers are responsible for pain transmission. This biological oriented theory doesn’t explain pain tolerance, nor does it allow for social, cultural, or empirical factors that influence pain.

Pain pattern

The pattern theory suggested that the excessive stimulation of all nerve endings produces a unique pattern interpreted by the cerebral cortex as pain. Although this theory addresses the brain ability to determine the amount, intensity, and type of sensory input, it doesn’t nonbiologically influence on pain perception and transmission.

Opening the gate

The gate control theory asset that some sort of gate mechanism in the spinal cord allow nerves fibers to receive pain sensations. (see understanding the gate control theory.) this theory has encouraged a more holistic approach to pain management and a research by taking into account the nonbiological component of pain. Pain-management techniques, such as cutaneous stimulation, distraction, and acupuncture are, in part, based the theory.

Note: what is a pain management doctor called? A pain doctor also called a pain specialist or pain management specialist is a medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) who specializes in pain medicine. whilePain medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pain. More…

In Summary: Pain managementpain medicine, pain control or algiatry, is a branch of medicine employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with chronicpain The typical pain management team includes medical practitioners, pharmacists, clinical psychologists and More.


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