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Have you heard the Latest about Now TV? … Some Minutes ago We heard that and I don’t Know whether you did as We did over there. Read Down the page now and get the full details;

Now TV Current New Overview

However,  I brought the news to your door post again today as NOW TV will start to offer Super HD streaming for the Sports Ticket starting August 18th. The news, reported on the official site and on the Facebook page, comes following persistent rumors that heralded the arrival. Sky speaks generically of Super HD, the same wording used to indicate the highest quality available via satellite.

Even in the absence of numerical data, we can hypothesize the use of a Full HD streaming with a good bit-rate for everyone to enjoy live entertainment Shows.

Now TV Has More to Offer than More. How?

The Super HD will start concurrently with the first day of the Serie A championship. Sky indicates the availability of high definition for the whole Sport. On the occasion of the launch, a promotion was also launched Too.

now tv

Note this – Normally HD streaming is available for those who subscribe to the + Option at € 2.99 per month. With the start of the Serie A championship, the Super HD is instead included at no additional cost.

Following the composition and cost of the Sports Tickets and See More on how your entertainment lifestyle will be a boost to your Health even without Daily Exercises during Workout hours.

Now TV Show Cost per Monthly Ticket

It allows access to 23 live sports channels to watch events like Serie A, MotoGP, Formula 1, NBA, the big tennis tournaments, rugby, golf, Champions League, Europa League and Premier League.

The cost is 6.99 euros for the Sport Pass 1 Day, 10.99 Euros for the Sport Pass 7 Days and 29.99 Euros for the Monthly Ticket.

More Features and Benefit

Download NowTV Mobile App free from any secure online platforms e.g Google play store, iTunes, Windows Store, and More …

Mobile App Multiple Account Usage

Stream HD Super Moviles and Live Shows

Fast Loading portal and App

Installation name easier

Better to easy use than other streaming TV Station

Registration and Login are on the Go as you Tap a button to view options

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