Watch Instant Shows with Over 60 Devices on the Go with Now TV Mobile App;

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Did you know there are loads of ways to watch the best TV? …You’ll find our app on over 60 devices including iPad, iPhone, games consoles and selected Android devices. So whether you’re chilling in front of your big screen or streaming online Movies with your small screen, NOW TV  is just a few clicks away.

Now TV Mobile App

What’s New on Now TV Mobile App

There are a lot of Features you will enjoy using Now TV Mobile App on your devices.

Before we begin here are what People also ask,

Is the NOW TV app free?

Can I watch Now TV on my phone?

How do you cancel now TV?

Can I watch Now TV on my TV?

How do I download directv to my phone?

How much is now TV? and More …

What did this page have for us?

Now, you have to enjoy what? … We will be on a full intel about Now TV Mobile App Review, Download, and Installation.

You can register up to 4 devices and even watch on 2 Simultaneously, so the whole family can grab a slice of NOW TV awesomeness.

How to install the NOW TV app on your iPhone or iPad

You can watch NOW TV on loads of Apple iOS devices and you can find this App on iTunes Store free to download with minimum File Size.

Do you know? There are some Apple devices which Now TV App doesn’t Support Apple device that:

are modified or rooted
were bought outside the UK, even if you’re using a UK network.
If you try to watch on a device that’s modified or bought outside the UK, you’ll see the message ‘My device is not supported.’

Watching NOW TV on your iOS tablet or mobile

You can Watch Movies Online from  Now TV Mobile App on the Go. First, you need these steps;

1. Download Now TV App

The best way to watch NOW TV on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile Apple or Android device is with Now TV app. Follow these simple steps to get the app:

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search for the NOW TV app.
  • Tap on Install Button above to proceed.

2. Sign in Now Account

Already got a NOW TV account? – Simply open the app and sign in with your NOW TV username and password. Be sure to enter your password carefully – as it’s case sensitive.
Haven’t signed up to NOW TV? – If you don’t have a NOW TV account yet, set one up here.

3. Sit back and start watching
Find something to watch – whether it’s an epic blockbuster, an award-winning box set or a big match.

Can I watch NOW TV through a browser?

No, you won’t be able to watch using a browser – you’ll need to download the app instead.

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