Do you just create new Lovoo account? … well, for you to be a verified member, you need to activate your account on the go…

Lovoo account activation

Lovoo account activation – Lovoo account verification Steps

Well, not every person on lovoo knows the steps to activate a lovoo account but you need to learn the steps below to be a full member once you finish creating a new lovoo account.
Meanwhile, activation of account and verification is very necessary for all members and you will get all the features you need as a full member.
However, the steps are very different and unique to other dating accounts verification but better still you need to activate your account with ease if you follow the instructions and requirements below…

Requirements for lovoo account activation

Do have the following requirements to activate your lovoo account now…
  1. Active Email address
  2. Current profile picture
  3. Paper and marker
  4. Camera 📷

How to activate lovoo account

The process below will help you activate your Lovoo account free of charge
  1. First, you need log-in to your lovoo email address
  2. Tap on the lovoo activation link in the inbox
  3. Now, login to your Lovoo account with your username and password
  4. Tap on profile pic and choose either to upload a pic or use the webcam directly
  5. Take out your paper and ✒ or marker
  6. Write down the name and lovoo code of the day as instruction demands
  7. With the paper at your front with your two hands at the two ends. Take a picture using the camera
  8. Go back to your new lovoo account and tap on verification.
  9. Upload the new picture you just snapped
Now you can wait for some time for verification to complete.
Finally, they will give you up to 130-credit for your chat and matches.


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