Steps on Instagram Linking Account To Facebook Account & other social networks accounts – This article will give you the necessary guidelines on how to sign up or log in Instagram new or old account with facebook account…

Easy Instagram linking with social network accounts

As we said earlier in this amazing article will also give you guide on how to Login Instagram account be it new or old account to connect with millions of active lovely friends far and near your geographical location (all around the world), also this steps will as well help you to enjoy unlimited connection with people, beloved ones, active online awesome friends all around the world.

Meanwhile, is the best social network in which you can register/sign-up for free @, create your day to day events for your friends to see, make comments, follow your business link daily also you can post your photos and share it with your lovely friends on both for your facebook page which you linked up to your account.

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linking New or old Account With Facebook Account & other social networks

Note, for one to start sharing Instagram contents on Facebook, then you should have an Instagram account, which there are some basic steps to create/sign-up/register an Instagram account before you can think of connecting the new account with your Facebook account.
Also if you don’t have a facebook account yet below this article we will give you a clear and swift guide to open one with else.


Below are the fell steps to Create a personal Instagram profile registration online platform follow the below carefully

step 1. using your web browser input the office URL which is then press the ENTER key
step 2. you will be faced with welcome platform showing you the below
Log in to your account
1. Enter your username “*******”
2. enter your password “*******”

Then create an account
1. sign up with Facebook account
2. sign up with an email address

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Instagram easy linking with social network accounts

Next, if you already have an Instagram account then log in but if you don’t have at the moment to create one just make your choice from the “the create an account option we listed above”.

step 4. bear in mind that if you wish to create using your Facebook account details you will be asked to log in with your Facebook details automatically you have created your new account and it will also be linked automatically with your Facebook account.

step 5.If you wish to create/open/register with your own email address be it google emailyahoo email, Microsoft email, QQ email, Yandex email etc… it awesome too just click on “sign-up with an email address”.

Instagram easy linking with social network accounts

step 6. you will be faced with a registration form containing personal detail filling spaces
enter your username “******”
enter your first name “******”
input your last name “******”
enter your gender “******”
enter your age/date of birth “***”
input your location “****”
enter your email address “****”
enter your password “********”

step 7. click on create an account, then you have to visit your email address for your account verification. congrats your account is now for your linking to your facebook account.

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steps to sign-up or log-in Instagram new or old account with facebook account $ other social networks

Instagram smart mobile App download for the easier access to your account


Download Instagram App. You can also search “Instagram” in Google Play store or iTunes store to download. Other smart devices please visit (e.g. Blackberry, PC, Mac, Windows …)

Sign-up or log-in Instagram account with Facebook account and other social network accounts steps outlined below…

step 1. Assuming you have the Instagram smart mobile App on your smart device, Tap on the application
step 2. it will this play your account home screen for you, then at the top right corner is the like Icon but now with three dots vertically on each other, click on the icon that is the option icon below is what you will see.

invite facebook friends

facebook friends

story settings
edit profile
change password
two-factor authentication
posts you’ve liked
blocked users
switch to business profile
private account “when your account is private only people you approve can see your photos and videos but your existing friends will not be affected”

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Instagram easy linking with social network accounts

linked accounts
push notifications
cellular data use
upload quality…

step 3. What we are trying to explain above is the particular location you will and should find “LINKED ACCOUNTS” which is under settings.
Click on the linked account you will see the possible social network accounts in which you can link your instagram account with, see list below

step 4. just with a click Tap on any of the listed social network then you will be asked to enter your username and password for the social network you Taped on.
Then congrats.

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Instagram easy linking with social network accounts

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We believe you have followed the above steps correctly as stated, For your message, questions and contribution, make use of the comment box below.


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