I get my daily update with my Gmail account about Google services, I don’t whether you have hard this latest Google update at Inbox by Google which is the best Google account manager. Here is the deal…

Inbox by Google – Best email account manager

Google keeps giving much effort to updates, as a matter of concern on inbox by Google they have killed it all on the last Gmail messenger, this has given all Google account users a full control of Gmail account.
However, due to unique features of this App, all Google users should update with this free App to enjoy their account better than before.
There are some questions which should be clarified here.
Where can I use Inbox?
Is Inbox going to replace Gmail?
Can I still use Inbox & Gmail?
How do I add a Reminder?
Inbox by Google
The questions above will be given clarity on as we rid on below this page, but before then let see some facts on features of inbox by Google…
Very compatible with a mobile device today Android and Apple devices
Very easy to use
Free for download
Can add a reminder
Best mail user interface
Access account access
Best Google Trending App today

Know more about Google inbox

Meanwhile, you can use inbox by Google with your mobile device and the Inbox works best if you use it everywhere you check your email. Inbox is available on the web at inbox.google.com, on Google Play, and on the App Store.
Note that you can still be using both Google App ‘Gmail and inbox-by-Google‘ on your device and there will be no any interruption. It is better you can still uninstall Gmail and best use inbox by Google alone.
With inbox by Google on your device you can add a reminder with these steps Tap the red create a button in the bottom right and then tap the blue Reminder icon.
Download inbox by Google free. You can still search ‘ inbox by Google ‘ on Google play store for an Android device and iTunes store for Apple device users and you can get the full inbox Google App download from inbox.google.com.
However, you can still download and install inbox by Google on your PC Device with the help of Android Emulator and I recommend bluestacks, NOx App player, and Remix OS.
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