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Hunting For Job In Indonesia

Job In Indonesia The Best Job Hunting – Where and How to Apply

Job hunting will be a difficult task for a foreigner in Indonesia. However, with perseverance and with a modest growth being predicte(d) for the Indonesian employment market, foreigners should be able to find work.

Key Industries in Indonesia

Energy –

 After having been launch(ed) in 2011 the Indonesian Clean Energy Programme (ICED) is continuing to work towards goals such as economic growth and reducing greenhouse emissions. Indonesia also plans on increasing its geothermal energy usage by 700% by 2025.

Insurance –

 Indonesia’s insurance industry is set to triple and the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) targets a rise of at least 25% in 2012 to reach US $55.4 million in assets by 2014.

Legal – 

Investors and law firms have recently been attracted by multibillion-dollar projects in the mining, natural resources and oil and gas sectors. The industry has therefore seen growth in its employment prospects and is experiencing a lot of job market activity, especially in insurance and projects.

Logistics –

 The industry is forecast to grow by 14.2%, to US $153 billion this year, up from US $132.6 billion in 2011.

Packaging – 

The Indonesian packaging industry continues to predict growth and aims to reach a value of US $9.6 billion by 2016.

Petrochemicals –

 The government has encouraged the development of an integrated petrochemical industry cluster. The Indonesian government has therefore created five petrochemical industry clusters: Bali, Tuban, Balongan, Tangguh and Bontang. This demonstrates the way in which the government is investing in the petrochemical industry as part of the Master Plan for Economic Growth.

Tourism –

 Despite shocks in recent years such as natural disasters, the tourism industry remains as one of Indonesia’s strongest industry’s. There is also always potential for this industry to expand in the coming years.

Hunting For Job In Indonesia …

If looking for a job in Indonesia, one must be open to networking and actually going out to meet people in their workplaces. Indonesia is not an information-based society and therefore try and get your resume out to businesses and they may even pass it on to other businesses if they do not have an opening or store it themselves for when they get an opening.

Networking is often key in finding employment and any job seeker should be open to handing out cards and resumes to businesses, being part of local community organizations such as sport clubs and churches, and  join an expatriate business association (your home country should have a business, chamber of commerce in Indonesia you can contact).

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One must also be willing to volunteer as it may lead to valuable business connections. You must simply be ready to meet new people and when you meet someone in your relevant field, exchange details so that your details can be exchange(d) within the sector you are looking to be employ(ed) in.

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