How best do you try to Overcome your anxiety? … Meanwhile, on this page, we will guide you more on how to Overcome your anxiety and leap into action. But before we get into details of Overcoming your anxiety, Get this Quote:

Feelings kill action, less your feelings and take more action For quick self-actualization.

Overcome your anxiety

Overcome your anxiety and leap into action

Anxiety sometimes can be the very stumbling block that is on the way of many people today, but it can be handled gradually with the following steps am going to give you. According to the words of Fredrich Nietzcheyou cannot jump from being a man to Superman”  meaning that you must first be a man before you can become a Superman.

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being jittery and filled with anxiety can happen to anybody, it is not a crime though many people have been trying to get rid of it but to no avail. Many things can contribute to being jittery and lack of confidence in the life of many people.

Causes of anxiety /jittery

  • Lack of exposure
  • Self-centeredness
  • Embarrassment
  • Poor upbringing
  • Quest for perfection
  • Bully
  • Family problem
  • Lack of focus etc

No matter the cause of your jittery it can still be overcome without much effort . if you are jittery in any activity you are doing do not mind the jittery just continue and don’t allow the anxiety to stop you from what you are doing immediately, pay more attention in what you are doing without allowing anybody or any thought to arise or take you away from your present work.

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Am just explaining to you what I have written above which is the focus. when you are focused on the immediate and get absorbed with what you are doing it will be hard for you to be jittery about it. you must not allow your thought to wander off what you are doing or at the moment just be doing what you seem to do. I.e what you are doing.


Overcome your anxiety

Meanwhile, below are the list of tips to Overcome your anxiety and leap into action on the go …

Feeling kills action

whatever you are doing, do not waste much time thinking about it, just take the time you will be thinking about to perform an action. And I tell you actions taken in this situation hardly get wrong instead of trying to plan out almost everything in your life it is better to just leap into action than thanking, meanwhile even when you are thinking you are still indirectly taking action which is even more exhaustive than action.


IN ANYTHING YOU ARE DOING LESSEN THE WAY YOU ARE ARTIFICIAL AND TRY TO BE REAL. Many people want to be perfect in anything they are doing , they want to impress the people around them without knowing that what they are doing is instantly affecting, you must not have the slightest idea what or the office of your of your function or the self which you have in mind or you are trying to save until you divest all the self you are trying to save, you are have not started the be natural.

To be natural you must divest your self of every attachment or any special believe off of the concept of the self. You allow the self to be spontaneous, without any hindrance or if activity . this does not imply that the natural man does not have self-control.


What frustrated you most is the quest to control the self, the rate at which you achieve self-control that is the same rate to which you have to achieve self-frustration. let the self be, let nothing get to the self, after all, there is no self for which you are saving, or not want to embarrassed since nobody can define your base on any precept automatically you are free.

Seek independent:

most of the times we are attached to the object that sustained us emotionally, so to be self confident you have to strive to be independent psychologically, when you are independent you have the courage to face anything that may come before you without anxiety and jittery so it is very important that you are independent in any aspect of your life .

Avoid bully:

Bullies are cowards, this is one the basic problem of trying to be real when you are not real, this is superficial and a fake life which one live an always in a hurry and life exhausting. lack of sincerity is also one the cause of not being real and effective in life.


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