Lovoo is one of the German online dating sites for Lovers and Soul Mate searchers. Meanwhile, if you wish to delete Lovoo Account On the Go here is what you should do.

Delete Lovoo Account with the Following Steps on the Go!

Delete Lovoo Account

The Steps above is just the Summary of the steps on How to Delete Lovoo Active Account.

Most people really think and believe they can’t delete Lovoo Account but I tell you it is very easy and can be done in a blink of an eye with the steps below…

Steps to Delete an Active Lovoo Account

First, you Need to Login to your Lovoo Account. Meanwhile, I hope you still remember the Login details like the Following:

  1. Username or Email Address
  2. Password

If Yes, then take the remaining steps below to delete your Lovoo Account but if no dear, I recommend you to follow the simple Lovoo Account Recovery or reset steps now to get hold of your Lovoo Account Details again.

  • Login to you lovoo Account from this Login Page or Click www.lovoo.com to Login.
  • Enter your Login Details as follow:
    • Username or Email address
    • Password
  • From the Right Hand Side tap on the Account Settings
  • Select My Account from your Left View
  • By your Right-hand side select Delete Account
  • Now, you select the reasons you Need delete the Account and Fill Up the Feed Back
  • Tap on Final delete.

Immediately, your Account will be deleted but you can still login back to recover Account in case you change your mind in the long run.

Delete Your Lovoo account.

In Summary on how you can delete your Lovoo Account here are what steps you should take:

You can delete your LOVOO account in the settings under “My account“. If you have not assigned a password to your LOVOO account, it can be deleted by clicking on the link that is automatically sent to your registered email address.


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