How To Create Jumia Affiliate Account: If you are a tech blogger from Nigeria then I think you may need to see this. This is a process by which you can advertise products on your websites and get a commission when a user clicks a product through to Jumia website.

It is what affiliate marketing is all about so in order to monetize and increase your revenue very well then you need to make a good Facebook or Instagram advertisement to tell the world what you are really out for.

What is Jumia?

Jumia is the biggest online shopping website in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. You can partner with them and get some certain products advertised on your website. But I don’t recommend a tech blogger to display ads related to clothing on your site. You need to go with what suits your website/niche that means your area of specialty.

So as a tech blogger you display ads related to the gadget and also write on articles related to gadgets this way you can be able to make money from Google Adsense account and affiliate marketing altogether.

Affiliate is another means to make a reputable income online as a blogger. But one thing to get clear here is that you need a mass number of visitors to be able to monetize your blog very well.

Folks lets see how to own a Jumia affiliate account without any difficulties and place ads on your blog site.

How To Create Jumia Affiliate Account

  • You have to visit the Jumia website depending on the country you are visiting in Africa. Bear in mind that accessing Jumia website is totally free because there is no form of Ip restrictions like most US websites block IPs took me countries.
  • Click on the Jumia Affiliate link sign up
  • Fill in your information and click to proceed
  • Now verify your account and go ahead to chat with any Jumia Affiliate online assistant to help you rectify any questions if any.
  • Copy and paste the Jumia affiliate code on your website. You can make use of popular WordPress plugins to display affiliate links on your site and at the same time make money too from Google Adsense.

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So that is it on how to create a Jumia affiliate account now it’s time to learn more traffic strategies in order to maximize your earnings. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to drop a message below thank you. You can also visit Nemsblog to learn more.


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