Facebook Ads is currently the best Ads you make use of as a marketer, site owner, Business owner either online of Offline ‘Like Amazon, eBay, Jumia and more’ to reach millions of consumers who have your Interest at hand.

It’s highly said that Facebook is the Giant of all Social Media and that is true. Why? Facebook is the ever Growing Social Network with over billions of user also having Millions of new users Daily and Weekly. However, Facebook registration is free of charge with the co-Founder by name Mark Zuckerberg. That Facebook registration is free Don’t Give up-to 30% on the reason why it’s so Popular.

Why is Facebook so Popular?

Free to Create New account and easy steps
Facebook Password recovery is very easy
Awesome User interface
Offers to user free Messenger for easy account access and Chat
Account requires little but correct User info
Facebook has both Web and Mobile Platform and More …

However, Let get on point with the Business. What is the Business? Facebook Ads drive more audience you in a blink of an eye.

Creating Facebook Ads to reach your Audience

facebook Ads setup

Before we begin, here are what you should Know about Facebook-Ads;

What is Facebook Ads? This is a feature in Facebook social media which allows users to advertise their products as site owners, Business men, Online and Offline Shop owner.

Features of Facebook Ads

Available for all Facebook user but not Messenger Kids users
Very easy to Create and manage
As a business Man make more sells from online audience
Are you a Site owner? Drive more Traffic to you Contnet in a blink of an eye.
Create an audience to build awareness of your business and Many More …

How do I create the best Facebook ads to reach my audience?

Here are the sub-Topics we will be loaoking at on from this page. Click to view any part you want;

+ Tips to make Your ads resonate
+ Use your pixel to drive website sales with our best practices guides
+ Use text in ad images
+ About advertising objectives
+ About Engagement Custom Audiences
+ Browse guides for advertising on Facebook

How do I edit my Facebook ads?

+ Edit boosted posts
+ How do I edit my ads or ad budget in Ads Manager?

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