Welcome, I will shoe you how to view and download WhatsApp status video and photo without letting them know.
Here is a beauty dashboard to manage saved WhatsApp stories free of charge. Here you have little more to do and gain more from you operations. Separate views for status videos and photos.

You have been finding it difficult to save your contact WhatsApp status videos and photos without going to view or screenshot or download status stories in your gallery after 24 hours of views.

Do you know; once you download WhatsApp status video and photo, you now have a full access to share the videos or photos on following social media

Where to Download WhatsApp status video and photo saver

Meanwhile, before we Begin these process you have downloaded WhatsApp status videos and photos saver on your device. You can download for Android from Google play store while for Apple device you get you free status saver from iTunes store.
Do you have any other device apart from android and Apple device? Use the search box above and below on this page and search ” WhatsApp status saver “. Then, follow the page to download your device version all free of charge.
Download WhatsApp status

How to use WhatsApp status video and photo saver

1. Tap on the WhatsApp status App icon to launch App ( WhatsApp photo status download and WhatsApp video status download ).
2. Now, you can view recent status stories of your contacts not videos and photos in a separate taps. And Tap to proceed
3. Select the WhatsApp status which you wish to download and save on you device. Tapmon save to proceed.
4. Move to your device gallery and view your saved WhatsApp photos and video.
Do you need my status? Send me airtime before I will forward it to you is now a thing of past. Download WhatsApp status saver now!


1. This App don’t store any data online but only offline on your device storage memory.
However, there will not be any form of restore if you loss any of the files. Also, your file are not included in the official WhatsApp online chat backups.
2. WhatsApp status saver is an independent App and is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.
3. Respect the right of WhatsApp users. Please, do ask for permission before you save any video or photo status of users.
4. Any for of unauthorized download or re-uploading of contents is sole responsibility of the user.
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