Welcome to Hotmail.com signup new account free, here we will guide you on how to create a new Hotmail account, outlook email login page, MSN sign in, Microsoft account sign in, MSU UK account… which will be leading you to Hotmail email login, Microsoft account login, outlook email login page, Hotmail login page…


Hotmail.com signup new account free - how to create hot mail account free tutorial

Hotmail.com signup new account free now!


Hotmail account: this is one of the Microsoft packages like Windows account login, Microsoft store account login, Microsoft OneDrive account login, Bing account, MSN Account, office account, Microsoft Skype account. Dear, when you create Hotmail account just like this article is all about Hotmail.com signup new account free, you will be given the login access to all Microsoft packages and this access is an ID (Microsoft identification) which you will soon get as you follow up these steps below on Hotmail.com signup new account free…

Hotmail.com signup new account free requirements

For you to get started with the Hotmail.com signup new account free, you should have the below data for you Hotmail.com signup new account free page
Full name both first and last names
Username ‘choose a usernameĀ E.gĀ [email protected]
choose a password and confirm ‘password should be at list 8characters’
choose your country/region
select your date of birth
select your gender
choose your country code
input your mobile number
enter an alternative email address if you have ‘the number and the alternative email address is to be used to secure your account also for password recovery’

If you already sign in to a Windows PC, tablet, or phone, Xbox Live, Outlook.com, or OneDrive, use that email address to sign in. Otherwise, create a new hotmail.com email address now free below.


How to create a Hotmail account | free tutorial
-Hotmail.com signup new account free

Visit the Microsoft official web address know as https://signup.live.com but before you make a click on any of the registration links on this page, read the step by step guides below.
As you click on any of the sign-up links on the web page then you have to fill in your details just as listed and described by the box on the registration page
Enter your first name and last name
Enter your choice of Username just as explained above
input your chosen password and confirm it by repeating the password in the next box
Choose your country + Birth-date + Gender
select your country code + input your Phone number + an alternative email address
Finally, click “Create account” to submit.

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