Hi-Tech Bedroom Setup – Here is how you can control various functions of your bedroom with smart technology and Internet-enabled smart devices.

Hi-Tech Bedroom

How to Have a Hi-Tech Bedroom

In recent years there has been an exponential growth in smart technology, home automation, and WiFi-enabled smart devices. Not only this, smartphones, smart devices, and the internet have come together to create futuristic homes that can control home appliances and the other basic functions of the home – including the bedroom – such as lighting, environmental control, and security, with the touch of a button.

Here are 6 ways to design a hi-tech bedroom.

1. Ensure good WiFi connectivity

The basic requirement for a hi-tech bedroom is good internet connectivity, along with a good WiFi router that can handle ample data. This will ensure efficiency in the working of the source device to which other smart devices are connected. Note that good internet speed reduces the time taken to execute any command.

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2. Bring in a smart speaker

Smart speakers are wireless speakers with built-in voice control. These speakers are incorporated with artificial intelligence (AI) from companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and so on. Smart speakers can function as the home automation hub to control all the smart home products.

Voice commands are given to the speaker so that it can perform various tasks like the control of smart lights, environmental control (thermostat), control the opening and closing of doors, window shades and more. There are many available – Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos One, to name a few.

The best part about smart speakers is that they are compact and can be placed anywhere in the bedroom or the home, just as you see in the image above.

3. Go for smart lighting

Hi-Tech Bedroom

Smart lighting comprises smart bulbs – they are internet-enable(d) LED lights that can be connect(ed) to the WiFi network or a hub on a source device such as the smartphone.

Smart lighting is a great way to control the brightness of the lights. One can dim or increase the bulb’s brightness using the bulb’s corresponding application. One can also connect the lights to Amazon Echo or Google Home and control the lights with voice commands. Brands such as Philips and Syska are manufacturing such lights.

One can also create mood-based lighting, where the bulbs can change colors from warm yellow to cool blue or use different colors, just as in this image

4. Purchase smart plugs

A smart plug can be plug into any conventional wall socket – the chosen appliance can then be plug(ged) into the smart plug.
These plugs come with a corresponding application that lets one turn on and off any appliance that plugs into the smart plug from the smartphone or hub. Some smart plugs are also compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, so you use your voice to switch on or off the device that is connected to the smart plug.

5. Install smart thermostats

A smart thermostat can control the cooling of the bedroom; it can switch on or switch off the AC via the internet. Before installing the thermostat, one has to make sure that the conventional AC is compatible with the smart thermostat.

Note: Brands like Haier have come up with WiFi-enabled ACs which can be in control with smartphones, tablets or the internet from anywhere. Another brand, Lloyd, gives the consumers an option to convert their normal AC to a WiFi-enabled AC by having a small WiFi PCB (printed circuit board) installed within it.

Hi-Tech Bedroom

6. Go for a smart TV with 4K resolution

A smart TV uses wires to connect to an ethernet connection or uses a built-in WiFi to connect to the hub for internet access. With these devices, one can stream videos from the phone or tablet, or control the TV through a smart home hub. Brands such as LG, Mi, Samsung, and Sony have such products on offer. Read More

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