The need for you to be grateful every day of your life can sometimes be misunderstood by some people… Confusing materialistic things with true happiness… Do you show gratitude to God for all he hath done and for those yet undone?. Here is the Full Detail …

Every day Gratitude

Need For You To Be Grateful Every day

Need for you to be thankful every day of your life, finding peace within yourself. Being thankful for the good things that have happened in your life, is one of the best ways for living a good and fulfilled life.

Many at times, we feel that we have got nothing but take a closer look at what Mother Nature had blessed you with. Always find a reason to show gratitude no matter how life has treated you.

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If you really put your mind on what you do not have, it drives you to the path of mental destruction. Continuous worry gradually makes you think you have nothing to be thankful for.

Take a look at the little things you enjoy and put on a clear mind for a better tomorrow.

Some of the major reasons you must show gratitude includes;

  • The qualifications that gave you a job is the same qualifications someone has but doesn’t have a job…Be grateful.
  • He that officiated your wedding, blessed your marriage and today you have children, is the same man who officiated and blessed others’ marriages but they are still crying for children and some eventually ended up with a divorce……Be grateful.
  • The prayer God answered for you, is the same prayer others have been saying without success yet… Be grateful.
  • The same road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road many others died on… Be grateful.
  • The place you worship and God blessed you is the same place other people worship in but their lives are still in discord and shambles…Be grateful.
  • The bed you used in the hospital, got healed and discharged, is the same bed many other people died on… Be grateful.
  • Same conditions you went through and came out alive, hundreds have gone it this year alone and they are dead and forgotten…Be grateful.
  • The same rain that your field produce good crops, is the same rain that destroyed someone’s field… Be grateful.

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Always find the need for you to show gratitude because whatever you have is not by your power, your might, or your qualifications, but by the “grace and will of Almighty God’’.

Everyday Gratitude: Inspiration for Living Life as a Gift Book

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A Network for Grateful Living curates this collection of quotes and reflections aiming to help you discover that the roots of happiness lie in gratefulness. … Google Books
Originally published: 2018
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