Do you know that you can save your files free online? Google Drive download and install gives you Full Google cloud storage access and you can back up to 15GB of files free for more Gigabits you can still expand your cloud storage by buying more storage from Google using your Google account Username and Password. Read along now …

google drive


This is a free desktop/mobile application which is one of the Google service packages, designed for saving (online file backup) their various and special file on the Google cloud storage, which could be retrieved any time the owners’ wishes…

This web page has helped so much in solving the below questions which people keep asking…

How do I upload a file to Google Drive?

Can I backup my file online?

How do I download files from my drive?

How do you save a Word document to Google Docs?

Is online google backup free of charges?

How do I download a file from Google Drive?

How can I backup my files in

Get Google free online backup space | Google Drive free Download

For you to get started with Google backup you should have the Google access account which will help you to log in on to the google drive follow the link below to get your free google access account for your instant login to google package.

Also, see this now – Get your free Google access account for your free online backup now!!!

With the Google access account which the registration link is given above, you can get started with the GOOGLE DRIVE usage, download and installation all these activities and Applications are free of charge provided by Google as the company, just as google drive is one of the packages you can still see other google packages with their amazing functions free.

google drive

How to use Google Drive in Backup Files?

After you log in, you will be facing an amazing desktop/ mobile friendly platform

Click on upload if using a mobile phone or drag the file to the user interface if you are using desktop/laptop computers, these steps your files will be upload and a notification will be there which will be showing you how to upload is progressing and its completion.

How can I download Google Drive for Mobile or PC devices?

This app is free for your download either for your desktop/laptop computers or for your smart mobile phones.

  • MAC
  • APPLE ‘iPhones, iPad, iPod…’
  • WINDOWS and more

google drive

The installation is very simple just after your mobile phone from Google play store or iTunes store, the downloaded App files will install automatically but for PC installation you can use the online platform which you can log in only with Google account details and you can create new google account now if you don’t have now or you wish to create a new Google account.


Google Storage Drive – Cloud Storage & File Backup for Photos, Docs & More. Google play and iTunes has the full Mobile App files.

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