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How Google Call Screen transcripts start rolling

Upon activating Google Call Screen, Google Assistant will ask the caller for the purpose of the attempt to contact the Pixel owner. Users will then be able to see live transcriptions of what the caller says. The quality of the transcription may vary from call to call, but it will give users a good idea if the incoming call should be answered or not.

To make the feature better, Google has started rolling out a new transcripts feature for Call Screen. The Call Screen transcripts disappear after the call ends, but with the new feature, users will be able to save them for to use however they wish.

More on the Google Call Screen Access …

To access the saved Call Screen transcripts, users will need to go to the Recents tab of the phone app, select the call that they want to look at, then choose Call Details. Users should then see a See Transcript option.

Google Call Screen

In addition to showing the conversation between Google Assistant and the caller, the feature also allows users to submit simple feedback of a thumbs up or a thumbs down regarding the quality of the transcription.

Call Screen transcripts is not a surprising addition, as the original support documentation for the feature contains references to it. It was previously mentioned that Call Screen transcripts will arrive before the year ends, but it looks like Pixel owners are starting to gain access to the feature.

It remains unclear how widely Call Screen transcripts is being rolled out, but Pixel owners may check by using the “screen call” option for an incoming call, then going through the process of retrieving the transcripts.

In Summary …

The purpose of Call Screen is to stop users from wasting time picking up calls from unknown numbers. The saved transcripts will make it easier for users to look back and remember if they made the right choice in answering a call.

How to access Google Call Screen transcripts

To access Call Screen transcripts on your Pixel, you’ll of course first need to screen an incoming call. Once the call has ended, Google will automatically save the details of the conversation to your call log. To check it, go to your Recent Calls, tap on a call and select Call Details. From there, a note should read See Transcript. Tapping on that will reveal the transcript of that call.

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