Gmail messenger gives you swift response to sending emails containing images, movies, audios, documents etc…

Gmail this is one of the best Apps which Google as a company have provided for swift sending and receiving of documents which may contain many other information like images of any format, videos of any format (mp3, mp4, HD, 3gp…), audios of any format (mp3, VMI…) and document of any format (pdf, doc, docx, ppt…) very easy and so fast in sending also giving notification both for the file delivery and receiving of emails.

gmail messenger reviews Emailing Made Easy

Emailing Made Easy

Such an awesome App which you can’t do without as far as you make your way on the internet for email sending very much easier if you get this app for your smart mobile phones for your easy access to your emails @ any point or your choice of period.

Gmail address this can be defined as an Identification address given to a user for sending, & receiving emails from any companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM… from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…, this application gives you much access very fast and not locating the emailing platform using the search engines like Google, Yahoo, brings … with this App you just make only two clicks to the emailing platform.

Components of Gmail Messenger Emailing Made Easy

Go to the Gmail application then click on the COMPOSE icon

FROM – is where the email address of the sender goes in, you really have to be careful about writing or inputting the senders’ email address.

Are you the sender? if you are the sender then your email address has to be their example From somic***** “if you as the sender is using Google address”. From: somic*****herson@yahoo .com “if you as the sender is using yahoo address” etc.

TO: this is where the receiver’s email address will be inputted or typed into just like the example

TO: igwe**** “if the receiver is using yahoo address” or  TO igwe****  if the receiver is using Google address” etc.

SUBJECT: This where you will input the TITLE of the message like “SCHOOL DOCUMENTS FROM PRINCE IGWE”.

COMPOSE: THIS was you will compose your write up depending on your choice or format of writing and here you can still copy and paste if you have written it (the message) before.

ATTACHMENT Icon: this ICON is used to attach any written document in any format PDF, DOC, DOCX…

Also attachment of zip files, movies and audios in any format like MP3, MP4, 3GP… and any other files you wish to attach like desktop or laptop files exe, android file Apk etc.

SEND Icon: is the send command button

Download Gmail messenger and Emailing Made Easy on Mobile and PC Devices

>>Emailing App download<< learn more about Gmail >>just ask Google<<

>>web platform<<  for pc and other devices >>App download<< Apple/Mac/iPad

For your full access to this APPLICATION create an access account >>emailing access account<<

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