Do you know?…Not so long ago Gmail registration and Gmail account sign up before Gmail login could be done only through invitations from users who already had a verified Google web account. But on this Gmail account registration webpage, I will be showing you how to create a Gmail account from scratch before we talk about how to log in and verify Gmail or Google account for security reasons…

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Do you really Think Gmail or Google Account is the best?…Meanwhile, that is left for you to decide on as we will give you the unique new features of Gmail address which made it outstanding when compared to other Email service providers in the World today…

Before now, I believe you have had the term Google… Google is a company which is being run by a group of programmers with the major aim of making the internet world a better place and to make life in the world an internet lifestyle thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of the world resources which in turn leads to better development model. can be called a search engine which serves as an umbrella for web information gathering which in turns provides all what info her, she and others want at any Geographical location across the Globe. Now let continue with the main deal at hand “How to create Gmail account at“…

What is Gmail?

A Gmail this one of the best email service provider own and powered by Google having numerous features which clearly differentiates it from other Email service providers like Yahoo mail, QQ mail, Outlook Mail or Microsoft account, and much more…

Besides that is the full owner of Gmail service, there are still some unique Features which this particular mail service provider offers and Counting the Millions to billions of Gmail user, Gmail is the most popular email address service which is widely used in the world as of this day.

Before we continue with the features, carefully read the requirements for Gmail Account Registration or Gmail account Sign Up, For if you don’t know Gmail registration and Gmail Sign Up is the same so with same process but not with Gmail Login for the login process is not the same thing but still all are very simple and easy going ways just as you follow the normal Procedure which I will give you…

Create your Google Account
Create your Google Account

Gmail Login | Gmail Sign up or Gmail Registration Requirements

Do you Know?… That is while you should make sure the below personal and non-personal info are ready and genuine before you start registering you Gmail account from any browser on mobile or Pc device…

Full Name both First and last even middle name too

Choice of Username and Password “Warning, for a better secure account your password would contain both capital & small letter also numbers or Symbols”.

Country or Region

Mobile Nuber

Date of birth

Gender selection

Current Email address

Note:- your mobile number and current or Alternative email will be used to secure or monitor your account, for a better security you must use an active number and email.

How to create a Gmail account from scratch | Gmail Sign Up or Gmail Registration

First:- lunch your Browser and visit or follow the official registration platform [Sign up]

On the Gmail, registration Homepage fill the Email registration form with the requirements as list below

  1. Full name
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Gender
  6. location
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Current Email Address

Next:- Click next and allow the page to redirect you to a confirmation page where you will have to impute a verification code sent to your selected mobile number as the verification code.

Next:- Registration successful. Enjoy your email services free

Are you Login automatically?… that is great but still here is the official Gmail login portal and general procedure…

Gmail Login | Gmail Account Login
Gmail Login at

Gmail Login | Gmail Account Login at

First, you should know that for you to login to your account from any Mobile and PC Device or A browser there is only to Things which you should Make use of which are…

  1. Username”Email Address e.g [email protected]”.
  2. Password used during account registration.

How to Login to Google Account or Gmail

From any browser visit or click sign in now.

Next:- Enter your Username and click “Next“. Allow the page to load.

Next:- Enter your Password and click “Next” Allow page to now log you into your Gmail account.

Clearly navigate on your Gmail Homepage where you can see the following

  • Compose
  • Inbox
  • Sent Mail
  • Draft
  • Spam
  • Chat
  • Trash and More…

Meanwhile, there are the features of this great email service provider. read and determine which of the other email service provider is better than Gmail…

Best PC or mobile platform Mode

Fast mailing delivery

Gives you access to backup using google drive

fast response to writing or file uploading

Best Download and Uploading speed

Easy file location for upload – Email attachment

fast spelling checking

Best User-interface – easier in usage

Instant delivery notification

Providing access to chat room hangout conversation

Providing User ID Access to Google play store and much more …

Do you Think you may have any problem with your Gmail Homepage in sending emails, email attachments, remail location finding like some email when received do move to the spam folder that may be showing email received not very secure? … Make use of the Comment Box to tell me your problems and I will be glad to help you out instantly.


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