How far FNB business Registration, FNB Online Account Registration, and FNB Online Banking Sign in both During FNB banking hours and Other FNB Non-banking hours?…

I Now have a complete FNB Online Account which I do FNB Online Banking Sign in at any time I Wish;

It was quite an easy task for me during the registration process.

However, it should as a notice or educating for you and me on this page. I will gladly give a full detail on how to get your new account on FNB ‘First National Bank’ Just as I have gone through the same procedure before I made an FNB Online Account Registration from the Web here.

You need This: FNB Mobile App free Download and Install on your devices

Meanwhile, the registration here has a protocol which You must follow if you are ready to create a complete account either from FNB Official Web Page or using FNB Mobile App to create one all are the same process here.

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However; on this page, I will show all on how to create and manage First National Bank of South Africa as the list provides

  • How to Create FNB Online Account
  • FNB Online Account Sign in
  • FNB Online Account Password or Username Recovery

How to Create FNB Online Account

Before you start this process, there three options which you should choose from which are…

  1. Register with My Card and ATM PIN Details
  2. Register With My Account Number
  3. For Non-FNB Customer: Register for Paypal

FNB business registration

The List Above is for you to select which you want make your FNB Online Account registration with and in any of the case there is the best way to get complete registration.

  • Launch an Active Browser and Go to First National Bank official Site @
  • Select ‘Register‘ at the Top center of the page and Proceed by selecting Either
    1. Register with My Card and ATM PIN Details
    2. Register With My Account Number
    3. For Non-FNB Customer: Register for Paypal
  • Enter the details of your account and The click the button below to proceed
  • You will receive a verification message that wants you will use activate your online account free of charge

FNB Online Account Sign in

Hope you have activated your account using the verification code? Here the steps to log in to your new or old FNB Account at 100% security level…

Go to official Page here from your Browser

At the Top Center of the page is the login page, enter the details as follows;


Account Password

Click Login green Button on the Right side of the page and in a matter of seconds you will be on your account Dashboard.

FNB Online Account Password or Username Recovery

FNB Online Account Password or Username Recovery

If you don’t remember your password again I advise you stop trying to log in and Create a new password with these steps;

Go to official website page from any latest Web browser

Select ‘Forgot Username or Password‘ to proceed

Enter your account details like

Card Number


ID/Passport Number

Click Continue to Submit a request.


  • Enter the card and PIN combination you use to withdraw money from an ATM or when making purchases with your card.

  • Please enter the details with care, as three failed attempts will result in your card being deactivated.

  • If you do not have a card and PIN to authenticate yourself please visit your nearest branch for assistance.

  • Whenever Your Online Banking session is about to time out… please refresh the page to continue.


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