Do you know? Facebook is the master and Giant of all the Social Media in the World Today. Another Question is, Do you have an Active Facebook account?… Here I will show the best and easiest ways to make Facebook Login or Facebook sign in from the official facebook social networking site…

facebook log in | facebook sign in | facebook Sign Up |

Facebook is a free and Most popular social Network connecting Billions of People with the aim of Sharing information across the Globe in seconds. These pieces of information can be massages, music, movies, photos and so on…

Keep connected with your loved ones today as have to make it very possible that Both young and old can now reach each other in a matter of seconds as they click for Facebook login and Facebook sign up is as easy as it is very well clear below.

Do you Know? Children Under 13 years of age can know FaceBook as Facebook App called “Messenger Kids” is now available for Kids worldwide to get connected with their parents and Family members who also have an FB Account.

facebook log in | facebook sign in | facebook Sign Up |

Facebook login | Facebook log in | Facebook Sign Up @

Let Know head to the main deal of the day, below here you will see both the Facebook Login and registration requirements and how you can get your registration on Facebook, whether from the Facebook App or from any web browser of your choice.

Facebook Login requirements

  1. Facebook Username or Phone number or Email used during FB Sign up
  2. Choice Password during registration

Facebook Sing Up Requirements

  1. Both First and Last Names
  2. Mobile Number or Active Email Address
  3. Choice of Password
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Gender Declaration

Besides these requirements, There are the steps which you should follow to get facebook Registration  Fast, save and Secure…

Steps To Facebook Registration or Facebook Sign Up

Do you Know? Most of the times People”regular facebook user” Do refer to Facebook as FB, so you should not be thrown off Ballance as you read me writing a Facebook account as FB Account or FB Sign Up just as the Topic here on Facebook leads.

First, From any Web browser login to or click here FB Registration.

On the Homepage, fill in the Registration form. I believe you know have the requirements.

Next, Enter the personal info as steps below

First name

Last Name

Mobile Number or Email address

Chosen Password

Birth Date

Select your Gender

Next, click “Create Account”.

You can now Connect with friends and the world around you from your Facebook Account, but for better profile recognition I advise you can some few settings like

Uploading your Profile Picture for facial recognition.

The setting of your location.

Uploading your cover page.

Setting of Username, Nickname and also Middle Name.

Are you log out after your registration?… Don’t be offended by you can Log in as many times as you want, but you can still follow the Facebook Login Gide now

Steps To Facebook Login or Facebook Sign in

As you now ready to Login to Facebook?…Here is what you should do and you can still even make your login remembered for another time you don’t have to enter your Facebook email address or Number and password but you can just click Login and you are logged in.

Warning: Note that if you should save your save your details that any other person who is with the phone can easily log in to your account, but in case you have already done that and you want to remove your saved password from your browser here are how you can remove it…

How to Remove default saved Passwords from browsers

First, you can clear the Browsers Cach memory.

But for me, this is the not the best options as you online want to remove one or tow password from your brows here is the best thing you should do.

Secondly, How you can easily remove or change a password from default, so simply for which that is what I do use if I don’t want my friends to log in to my account “I simply try to login with a wrong password which I will then save as default”, if anyone wants to log in with my details from the browser it tells the person wrong password, thereby securing your account but Don’t Try that if you can’t remember your password.

Facebook Account Login goes like this…

First, visit Facebook Official Social networking site.

Enter your login details which are

  • Email Address or Mobile Number
  • Password used on registration

Next, Click “Login“.

Do you encounter any problem doing any of the Above?… connect me from the comment box below and I will be glad to help.

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