Experience Remix OS for free in 3 easy steps – you will learn how to Run all Android Apps on PC with Remix Operating System which is the most Fastest, Most Stable Emulator on the Market. Oh right, did we mention it was free?

Remix OS: The Fastest, Most Stable Emulator on the Market

Remix OS is a free Android emulator and it has been my go-to emulator to run Android apps on PC. In its early releases, it had a lot of bugs and didn’t please users that much. But it has come a long way since then. A considerable amount of developmental work has been done on it to make it the fast-paced emulator it is today. Everything that an Android device has to offer is available for use on Remix OS. Google Drive, Gmail Messenger, Third party apps, you name it, Remix Operating System puts everything at your disposal.

Meanwhile, Remix Operating System is not the only Android emulators that are nice but still, they are still some like


Nox App Player

Bluestacks and Nox are all nice Androids Emulators but still there are unique features of Remix Android OS which made it preferable to others and the features are as follows…

remix os full reviews


Unique Features of Remix Android Emulator

The Use a Mouse: Do you know, during the development of this Android Emulator the windows operating system is the focus point for the system mouse are in use just as a normal window operating system.

Start Menu like App Drawer: have you used an Android emulator before that is not Remix OS? Mainly the startup menu does not emulate the normal windows operating system but with Remix Operating System it just normal windows menu interface.

Select Request Desktop Site Version in Chrome: During Browsing with Remix Operating System the Web using Google Chrom and this is on the Mobile version of the Chrome web browser. Why? this is because Remix is running Android Operating system on PC so the Mobile version is automatically on. Still, you can select to request Desktop site Version in Chrome.

  • How to Request Desktop Site Version in Chrome: Before now I believe you have come across Google Chrome Browser and this is how you can request for Desktop site Version in Google Chrome browser. First, Tap or Double Click to Launch the browser. Next, Click at the Top Right Corner of the browser menu and Right there you will see a box cation Desktop version, Select the Box and the page reload with the Site desktop version.

Built-in RAM management software:

Do you know that on Remix OS You can easily clean cache and RAM usage by selecting the small button on the taskbar which means that the developers at Jide.com added RAM management software for better performance.

The existence of File Manager to manage your system files and making the location of the file easier to find at any time.

Use and Change Desktop Wallpaper with ease just on click to Apply or to change the wallpaper.

Pin Apps to Taskbar: Just as windows OS pins items ‘Softwares’ to taskbar Remix Android emulator is the best for that feature on a Mobile version with PC devices.

Support for OTA updates: Software update can be done at any time with just a click to update to current version.

Enjoy Android Gaming on PC: I believe the best part about Remix OS is the ability to use Android apps, as a user You can control your game objects like cars, bikes, Human, subject and objects during the game using your mouse/trackpad instead of using the typical motion sensor seen in Android smartphones.

Notification drawer: Just like windows 10 notification bar, with this Emulator a now have a similar Feature today.

Experience Remix OS for free in 3 easy steps.

If you already use Android, you’ll love what you can do with Remix OS. Remix OS with an intuitive PC desktop experience and Android apps + games is like a love between a child and The Mother. The multitude of features above was engineered into Remix OS to bring you the best of both worlds – a complete fusion of mobile and PC.

Experience Remix OS for free in 3 easy steps.
Experience Remix OS for free in 3 easy steps.

First, Download Remix Operating System free at Jide.com but still you have to know whether your PC uses 64-bit or 32-bit operating system.

  • How to know my system Bit Type on Windows OS: Today windows is now very easy to access than those days you have to write lot and lot of Codes before access any stuff like windows 98 and others. in this few clicks, you can know check your Bit OS Type. First, Boot your PC if not on already and move the desktop background. Next, for windows 8, 8.1and 10 Right click on This PC while for others like Windows XP, Vista and 7 it’s My Computer. Select the Properties and Right in the Middle of the page is your System Bit Type.

Install Remix OS for PC:

The installation is Quite very easy just like normal software installation on PC which is normally done as follows

  • After download, Move to your download directory folder and Double click on Remix download file. Next, select the installation directory on the local disk (C:) and click next to save and continue. Select next and accept to install file on PC and now wait for the installation to finish.

Restart PC and boot Remix OS: After installation for a better App and PC performance I advise you restart your system for proper file integration and after then Root your Remix Operating System to start Android App download and installation.

Were to Download Android Apps

Google Play Store

APK App Downloader

Enjoy your Android Gaming and App Usage on PC OS with Remix Operation system.


  1. we can also use blustack for running Android applications on pc, on the other hand, we can upload android os in our pc for running all the android games and applications.but still your method is also good I will definitely use your trick and give you feedback as well.


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