Ensuring Internet Security is one of the best Guide an internet user should first acquire for better Data protection from Hackers”unauthorized users” from getting into their files, that’s why you should Follow these tips to keep your computer’s security tight… 


Do you need to be connected to the internet all the time?


Because when connected to the internet, your data could be vulnerable while in transit.  For you to Ensure 100% Data Protection, here are the best and simplest Tips you should have as an Internet Operator.

Make sure that your machine and online account are secure and should be basic today. Users of the internet have less prone to a hacker than the internet Access providers (IAP), who must constantly be on. If you have any sort of accounts with an internet access service provider, choose passwords that are difficult to guess and keep it secret. Below are some set of rules on how to protect your internet security:


a. password: security on the internet could be ensured by this usage of hard to guess passwords.


 Tips on how to choose a password that one remember and still be secured.

(i) Use a password that is not less than six characters long
(ii) Use both letters and digits.
(iii) Change your password at least once in two months.

Most Time it is very okay to Add signs e.g @ | ‘ | : | > | ! | <> | £ | $ … That should be at the beginning, center or end of your letters and numbers.

b. Anti-Virus: Ensure you have a good anti-virus / anti-spyware software and is configured correctly. You would want it to update itself every day through a scheduled update feature. You would also want it set up to scan for viruses at least three times in a week. Free Anti-Virus for PC and Mobile

c. Data Encryption: Data encryption requires the use of electronic ‘key” to decide the content. This method is vital because it is the only way to make sure that your information is kept private.
Encryption works by translating your message into what appears to be gibberish and then sending those observations to the recipient.

d. Update Operating System: configure windows update on your computer so that it may download and install the latest updates automatically.

e. Firewall Protection: Ensure you have a Firewall protecting you from malicious threats attacking your computer or network. know more

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