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What about Echo Game (S)?

ECHO is a Third-Person Science Fiction Adventure for PS4, Steam and GOG, created by Ultra Ultra, using the Unreal 4 Engine. Brief Note from ECHO;

After a century in stasis the girl En arrives at her destination: A Palace out of legend, a marvel of the old civilization eons gone, still awaiting its first human occupants.

However, The Echo Video Game experience starts as a character driven journey of discovery, but as it unfolds it evolves into something altogether more punishing. Gameplay revolves around Stealth and Action, as you face off against the strange workings of the Palace.

Echo Games More reviews and Feature and About

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“Echo is both an impressive debut game for Ultra Ultra, and one of the smartest, most innovative sci-fi action titles I’ve played in a long time.”


“Echo is a marvel of A.I. programming bolstered by compelling sci-fi storytelling, and injects new life into the stealth genre.”


Seriously, it’s just that damn good.”


“Echo is unlike anything I’ve ever played. I can’t wait to be done with it, but I also never want it to end.”


“It’s been awhile since I played a game where the ability to shoot an opponent felt so alternatingly risky and exhilarating.”


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In ECHO everything has consequence: As you try to wield its magical technologies it becomes apparent that the Palace has a will of its own…

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