eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything with 149 million active buyers globally. eBay online shopping: eBay official site/eBay Sign up and eBay login at eBay .com

Meanwhile, here I will be guiding you on eBay.com Full review, Giving and telling you things you should know about eBay online shopping center US base.

ebay online shopping

Get me clear on questions like the following …

What is eBay?

How do I know the Official eBay website?

which Payment method does eBay use online?

How can I register on eBay online shopping?

How Do I login to My eBay Account?

What are the pros and cons of eBay online shopping?

How to recover my eBay account password?

The questions above I believe are the regular issues which people globally meet on the day-to-day founding about eBay.com online shopping center. So I am here to give more clarifications on them and if you still have more write them down in the comment box below for more instant clarification from me…

What is eBay?

eBay is an online shopping center which is made of over 149 million active users ‘Customer’, who are interesting in buy quality productions for better product usage and long lifespan experience.

How do I know the Official eBay website?

In Internet World today, some websites bear a similar domain name with the official eBay website, so it is very wise you know the main eBay web portal www.eBay.com. With this official website address, you cannot be devised by any other unofficial online e-commerce site.

 Which Payment method does eBay use online?

Do you know, for more than 15 years now ebay.com have been using PayPal as its main payments processor but it is now a decision which eBay wishes to change they online payment processor to what you will see as we continue below.

ebay online shopping

How can I register on eBay online shopping?

what is eBay Account registration?

In a brief sense of reasoning, this is a process by which a person generates a username and password on ebay.com and with the eBay ID, he or she can easily login to eBay online database to source for information on products and services rendered by eBay.com.

Meanwhile, for anyone to get eBay account registration done and completed you must have registration exact requirements which are…

For Personal account requirements

Full Name

Email address

choice of password

For Business account requirements

Qualify for business selling limits, promotions, and get professional tools to help you grow.

Legal business name

Legal business email

Choice of Password

Legal business phone

Procedure for eBay online Shopping account registration

There are still some physical things which you should put in place to carry out eBay sign up

Mobile or PC device

Internet data bundle

web browser

First lunch the browser and Visit eBay.com

On eBay homepage, click on Register at the top left corner

Next, select whether it is a personal account or Business account.

Next, fill in the registration form requirements

click on Register button to send

Login to your email address to verify your account or use the verification code method.

Do you have an active email address? or you can generate one from the links below

the step-by-step tutorial on Create New AOL Email Account Login_AOL Mail Sign Up_AOL Mail App download_AOL Mail login.

Gmail account – gain full access to all Google services like google drive, play store, YouTube, and so on.

Microsoft account – Gain Free Access to Skype, Xbox, outlook.com, OnDrive, windows, bing, office …

How Do I login to My eBay Account?

If you already have eBay account ID before there is no need registering another one But here is what and how you can successfully login to your eBay account with else…

Lunch a browser and Visit www.eBay.com

On eBay.com Homepage, click on Login icon

Next, On eBay login page enter as follows

Enter email address or Username

Enter password

select Stay signed in box if you wish to stay logged in

Next, click Sign in Button to send.

How to recover my eBay account password?

There is the easiest way to recover your Forgotten eBay password. follow the lead here…

Lunch any browser and Visit www.eBay.com

On eBay.com Homepage, click on Login icon

Next, On eBay login page click on…

Reset your password

If you need a temporal password click on Text a temporary password

Login to your email address which is used during the account registration

Next, click on the password reset link and enter your new password.

You can now go back to the first and second steps and log in with your email or username with the new password.

What are the pros and cons of eBay online shopping?

Are you still with me? You should know that no matter how Good things are the should and will still have little or more disadvantages. Am not trying to scare you now but that is the realities of life.

eBay pros

Ease of using the site

the layout is easier to list items

Free to have some sales

Great people in the forums

Fees are not as high as my Amazon fees

eBay cons

Customer Service ( need a say more ?)

Flooded marketplace

Bad search engine


ongoing glitches


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Have any experience with eBay online shopping, comments below for friendly advise and guide. Thanks.



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