Download Facebook Mobile App On Your Smartphone, Facebook is a very popular social site. It is where you meet family and friends, chats, share information, share pictures for vital purposes. also advertises your products.

Download Facebook Mobile App

Moreover, you can also find the lost contact of your friend, and families here. also, this social network has come to make life easy for people.

However, Facebook has a privacy setting feature that helps you to have a little control over those you see, what you shares a post with.

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facebook is a social network, where you share links, photos,  and also engage in an online activity.

 Features of Facebook App.

Here below are the features of facebook app

  1. Notifications
  2. News-feed
  3. Friends
  4. wall
  6. Like and Reaction
  7. Message and Inbox
  8. Groups
  9. Events

1. Notification

This feature tells Facebook users, that information is added to the profile page. For instance, when there are comments to the picture the user tags on.  or when a message is shared to the user’s wall.
Also, the user will so get info whenever there is post send to its timeline and when there is a comment.

2 News-feed

Here is the primary feature, where the user is exposed to the content posted to the network. Although initially, there were complains from different Facebook users, that the news feed is usually clustered with excess information’s.
while many were concerned that it makes them easier to track severer activities.

3. Friending

Here you will send a friend request so as to make friends, whether the person you have seen before or not.

Here you will allow deleting any friend request whenever is sent to you or confirm it.[ accept ]

Also in this feature, you will see you old end new friends, and easily one to chat mostly when their friends are offline but when the person is online you can now chat the person in the chat feature.

4. Wall

the wall is one of the facebooks features that the user deposits messages and receive messages. also here, the user will see the time when the chat was sent.

it is visible to the user anyone that has the ability to see his or her complete profile then the friend’s wall post will appear in the user’s news feed.


facebook brings in there feature for facebook user to add GIFS to there comments these GIFS button is located beside the emoji.


from the creation of Facebook, there was nothing like the timeline, but as from 2011, the net service was improved by adding it.
However, when a post is deposited here it has to store in the user’s cove,r album, or photos. In the timeline review, Facebook users have their tags.

Like and ReactionS

this the feature helps the user to easily interact on any deposited updates status, comments, photos, links shared by friends, videos, etc. 

Now when this designed content is clicked by the user, it has to appear in the news feed of that user’s friend. In return, the button has to display the number of other user s who have liked the post.

Message and Inbox

facebook messager; This allows Facebook users, to send messages to each other. like, when both friends are online. often time, one of them might be offline and still receive chat from the user that is online. Then he or she will see the chat when comes online.

here you are let to have a steady conversation with your friend, you can also chat with them one on one also in a group chat.

moreover, In this feature, it is also designed that you can make calls videos and group calls now for video calls, both in one to one conversation also in a groups.


facebook group this feature is joined a large number of people to post content, share links advertise products.

it also allows many to post media, questions, events, and comment to these mentioned items. facebook group is created where an organization has to discuss a specific subject.


facebook events,  it is designed for members to let people know about there upcoming events like In their states, schools, birthday even

Facebook app download for smartphones

With this internet connecting devices, you are reliable to enjoy facebook app. And also there advantages offered by those above-mentioned features.

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