Welcome on this auto-updated website to easily Download Chromium Browser Latest 64-bit and 32-bit Version Which is the Best Chrome Alternative but more efficient.

Do Test chrome builds or Chromium Build free of charge. However, Chrome Builds have the most Update in Design for Analyzing crashes and reporting bugs directly to Chrome management center.

Chromium Browser is an open-source Web browser that provides user a fast and reliable Web browsing Experience.

Meanwhile, updates are done autiomatically as new release come up making Chrome browser a better chooice for Users across the World.

Why Do we Recommend To Download Chromium Browser?

Download Chromium Browser

Chrome Canary is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android which can automatically updates daily also with Chromium Browser.

Therefore, on this page you will learn why you should Download Chromium Browser which is the best alternative for Chrome Official Browser having More Features and better infrastructure.

Note: Apart from Chrome Browser there are other Browsers with same Functionalities as typical web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera Touch.

What are the Functionalities on support by these browsers?

Flash Support for Online streaming of Videos and audios
Bookmarks – Support saving of Important links for Future Use
Download Manager – Download Chromium Browser and have the chance to manage your Files During and After Download.
Save pages – Have the control of pages over Web. Meanwhile, you can save as many page as you want for further Offline Visitation.
History – Your Day to day Web navigation is save for easier later search of the same link or page.

Download Chromium Browser

Generally the Two Most notable Features of Chromium are the Speed and Compatibility. This web browser is very fast in loading time than Typical Browsers; Thus, providing users with a more pleasant web Navigation Experience.

Procedure   To    Installing    Chromium    Web    Browser

First, Before this stage you have Chromium Browser File. The, you should Follow this steps to Install the file;

Are you Using Windows Operating System? you have two ways to install Chromium on your device include;

  • Online Chromium installation
  • Offline Chromium Installation

To Run Chromium Online, there are some requirements which the most notable one is an internet connection. You most have an internet connection to run online Chromium Installation also you need this steps below;

Download Chromium Browser Online Setup

Locate Chromium Setup File and Double Click on it

Select Ok Left Button to allow Setup to run as administrator

Scroll down the page and Click I Agree and Once you click Accept you have also accepted Chromium Terms and Conditions.

Select or Brows Directory Folder where your software Files will be inside the system Local Disk ‘Local Disk (C:)’.

Click Finish once the installation is complete.

What of Chromium Offline Installation?

Here you can either install the Full by Following the Steps above But If the File is in .zip Folder the steps are different and few. Here are what you should Do;

You have the Zip File Right? Download now from the link on this page and Follow the steps below;

Locate Chromium Zip Folder kin your PC

Right Click on the Folder and Select Extract To any Folder of your Choice

Copy or Move the Folder to any where of your choice you your Computer e.g Under Document, Download, etc.

Open the Folder and Scroll down. Then, Right Click on Chromium.exe icon and Select Send to Desktop to Create Shortcut for your easy access.

To Launch after installation, Move the System Desktop Background and Double click on the icon or Right Click and select Open.

Now, you enjoy Chromium Browser on the Go.

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